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Kirk Cousins on 2013 Redskins: 'Sky's the limit'



CSN Washington dot com. It was the work that you got and during the offseason. I was trying to -- -- and I really -- like the winter months are turning out well very productive and then getting back to a BC. Broke it in minicamp were also very productive are great -- as many reps as I did not feel like Medicare much better quarterback over the last couple months during Gil GA mini camp sessions. What what lesson from the book can you take away as you go to training camp because a lot of folks know the position your end. -- you performed very well last year when he got on the football field and there's a lot of speculation we -- there's some unanswered questions obviously about how this is gonna unfold. Going back to your book what do you refer to when you look ahead to training camp this year. So he's gonna have book I talk a lot about how much future not certain what but our record -- Julio Andre Iguodala local or working toward a lot of current. Things are gonna unfold right away and we have to be able to be patient and just keep working it out some delayed gratification where to trucks that are -- these people look at. Put the -- and then develop ourselves to probably can't be yourself came -- We can trust the good thing you're gonna happen down the road so I'll stay patient and excited free up Qaeda have bought forward a seat and your -- for me whether they're. Here's super Smart everybody is seeing you perform on the field. But how about this football team how much better can the Redskins -- 2013. Well I think this -- a little later when you look at how much we showed we had last year with a rookie quarterback rookie running back several new creations that we're still running away would be offensively the team. I think we can have high expectations not -- fan base is very excited. These players all back with us this year. Yet go real low or no joke every single Sunday you have to bring it but. -- they are high expectations book and got an outsider those of football building and -- we've got to keep working and stay humble and hungry and in doing I think we we can expect a lot a lot -- calling up and 2013. CSN Baltimore dot com's.



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