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Should the Redskins carry more than 2 QBs?



CSN Washington dot com is considering. Go with just two quarterbacks on his roster this season -- RG three and Kirk cousins. He's done this before when he was in Denver he missed some time on caring just two quarterbacks is an idea what it plummeted not a 100% healthy I'd say yes -- is a bad idea. But I think if they work to do that if they would do that if he's 100% healthy. But I don't look at that did did just carrying two quarterbacks I think that we carry two and a half court offense it is only which. We're both would have been free the last three years. And nobody called nobody tried to sign him. So I think the fact that reds will not this -- -- body and how can always -- depend no threat. Rex is probably waiting for a phone call just in case I feel that the Shanahan believe -- probably a third of the game. -- we'll finish that game. And the next week I'll have -- on the sidelines. So it's it's just that it normally when you -- you have two quarterback acted anyway so -- say it's they have. A guy on the taxi squad does not miss -- on the team but he has given event. No I know is and you know if that's our plan that's a great -- I mean -- every week. I just think if that's the plan I -- we don't know if that's the way they're gonna go to guys you got that injury during the offseason RG three that I just don't think it's Smart all to go into the season with just two guys. Let's say Rex is not there. Lex Rex is done or is god forbid picked up my eyes well with two weeks ago and you -- okay but but it's still -- if I know they do what they give up at some point in on him and they have to bring in someone to. It takes significant snaps with the team that -- Pat White but I mean I don't know being drab light yet. With me whoever the quarterback isn't built third quarterback. He's nobody that you have total faith they had to go out there and played multiple games where you're just want him -- fulfill ability mop up -- give him all the way. And you go back to Kirk cousins probably were -- is over he's back in any other season I say yes the RG -- is injury I say don't take. CSN Washington dot com.



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