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Adam Scott Regaining Pre-Masters Focus



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  3. AT&T1:03
  4. British Open1:06
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Wed, 26 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. At 32 years old Adam Scott is the fourth best player in the world. And he's enjoying his life right now after becoming the first Australian golfer to win the masters there's some. That I've dreamed of for a long time the -- there's two people have told me I've got the potential to achieve. And for it to finally -- I think. Although I haven't fully reflect I don't know I've certainly enjoyed. Being the monster -- and. Adam Scott has realized that his biggest challenge. Has been trying to re gain that three masters mindset perhaps best illustrated by his 45 finish at the US open. Focusing news has been a little tougher but I feel like. Now the US open is behind and on the -- gone and I really felt like last week. -- -- the focus happ went back on my nose on the range retirement was really productive again and it felt like it did the fall and in the monsters. Now that the focus is back. This AT&T national will serve as his tuneup for the British Open next month I. I play a very light schedule. For the style at the end and this is time near where I. Play and on into play. Spirited him -- myself in the form. And like I said especially out the US open not you know a result in his -- just. Some kind of result tonight. Keep the confidence high. At congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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