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Nicole Darin catches up with the Golf Boys



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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. This is not your typical boy bands that we. PGA tour pros Bubba Watson Rickie Fowler hunter army camp and Ben Crane -- Call themselves the golf boys and these guys you spared no expense to get a lot. Before us got together and minus birdies there on -- All you know really crazy songs -- -- a great team that hopelessness and we know stick him on costumes and just like any other spins. Try leg did you -- of the bunch right now he was he was along those tunes and some of our video ball and I think -- -- really good guys you can mess around has. Funny photos and videos on Twitter saying that. -- -- We know nothing about the world making videos as you can tell and and Sosa says it's just kind of life of its own. The golf voice joined forces not just relax though the proceeds from their viral video and downloads benefit charity close to their hearts. Still all -- -- money goes to show you water and our goals. Create awareness and your two hours. I'm sure you're all passionate about and I'm getting people who don't have clean water kind of squirrel had to drink water. Since the release of their first video 000. In 2011 and their long awaited follow up. 2.0 golf -- and I mean the response from fans has been well. Interesting we get some nine minutes into the cockpit. Doesn't seem. You know all -- -- -- sound shut out. Mean we've kind of -- off I think I don't think there's anything too crazy -- we've heard you know. Anything at all alliances. In the song. I think infringement of the golf ball events not a bad through three part of our boys 2.0. CSN Washington dot com.

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