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CSN Washington dot com. We got the golfers. -- at the caddies to take care of the golfers so the question is who takes care of the caddie. Well -- six to find out we got some really behind the scenes access today with caddie master Jim some me and his caddie committee now. These guys take care pretty much anything -- caddie needs this week right down to the very last detail. And it also arts in the bag room. The morning I don't wonderful yourself straight. Welcome Jeff have you registered yet notice it all right let's get that out of the way much pros named Brett rich. After the caddies register they grabbed their bags and head off to practice and the first C news good luck out there for him out quite well. That's where Phil another committee member of hands the caddie his bit but. And you know. So you get to choose -- what are your your -- rumor talk about that she felt crow was hanging over the edge. Like so. And that would grab or care the caddie surest during the course of the round so now we're making sure that we can -- back off the edge. While some caddies are on the course others are taking in the friendly atmosphere at the Bagram and this committee's personal touch struck. The guys from Bob Estes. He came in mind being the person said to me than tejada me says is they're coming out today this -- -- to -- -- out. As it has to be here Thursday and at that any don't wife and has been making this potato salad for the committee. For 27. Years it's the reason he says he's still on the committee -- the -- not the only one who has worked with James sunny for almost three decades so mentally ill handling. I couldn't do without he's been with me almost an entire rodeo. How many years. Lot of rumors marriages and these guys have seen it all over the years. Back in the mid eighties they would roll in here in the old Volkswagen bus. 456 summit fall out of it. Do whatever they had to do that -- all six come and get back in that bus and go up in Gaithersburg -- get one room at the red group. And share. -- -- the growing game of golf -- found that the caddies are profoundly more thorough in their preparation. And true professionals. I don't have to babysit him as much as I did forty years ago. I was always looking over my shoulder wondering who's gonna get in trouble. Today. They're very good bunch of guys I've I've built a great relationship -- a lot of these caddies. As the caddies and pros finished their rounds and dole out their final hand shakes their eighteen holes in grueling heat have taken a tall. And once again the caddie committee is ready for action driving the caddies and the pros the final leg of the day. Clearly happy to be done the caddies last stopped for the day back where he started. Are you done it done today so you wanted to go to bed right I don't bet. You know you're keeping your bid. Put it in one of these slaps turned around so to -- faces out so it's easily identifiable. Asked. And those little babies have now been put to -- CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Gaithersburg2:15
  3. Volkswagen2:06
  4. Washington0:02, 3:28
  5. friendly atmosphere1:18
  6. potato salad1:36
  7. mentally ill1:48
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