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Spieth credits support network for transition to pros



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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Party were Georges street who shot a two under 69 here congressional country club we've we've we've got a chance to meet till last year hum. How is it how was it today is in round one of the AT&T national where it was great you know courses. As pristine as any course will play all year. It's playing. The length of the US open obviously the greens are a little receptive it's been raining a little bit the past week but. Mean the course is an awesome condition for this week and I think it's really exciting. -- -- -- NBA draft tonight you came right out of college play golf you know a lot of these guys have been directed thing. Who do really well in the NBA but you've come out and you don't really well on the tour with what do you attribute to your success on the -- four. Honestly I'd I'd just put it back to a really great support group and united have the confidence in my family friends and swing instructor trainer goes on and on that had confidence in me to come out and play well. You know it's great to have and I support group and have them backing. To go out there and and really not have to worry and not have the pressure. Pressure for nineteen year old would do what pressure do you feel they're pressure not much anymore. Fortunately it's been a great start to the year. And I'm in a position now where my goal is just trying to win an event in and I don't need to trying get tied for thirteenth to make a certain amount of money anymore and it's nice to go there and be very excellent. Talk about this course and coach tonight we're we're are legitimate hackers so out of the rough we may spend a day and a half in that rough. Right that rough yeah -- never get out and how difficult is he said OUS open style and how difficult it. You know it's it's difficult it's tantalizing but you can still hit the green. You know if you have a seven iron and in. If you catch normal lie you can still get on the green that's I think it's great. You still. Are in a position where you're not gonna really be able to hit it close to the pins if you're in the rough but you can get it on the green with a great shot and have an opportunity -- -- -- You don't get penalized for one swing the navy and got a bad bounce. It may not have been a bad shot and that's all about the way this course playing right now. When they -- will what did you have left comedy which I. I hit it just through the fairway in the right rough but I hit a nine iron that landed on the front of the green into. Yeah season manned up today -- -- -- -- -- today this planet what. I'm regarded than what's -- favorite people are worried yourself and it led 56 degree but I was yeah right my box couples that want. A birdie anyway. What does -- do you think you know we've we just saw Ken Duke last week 44 years old with his first PGA event. What. What does that take and they haven't done it yet what he. Yeah. Fortunately it. I've been in positions to feel that pressure. Of leading Saturday and Sunday a few different times this year I didn't think that would be the case this year. And that was new position for me and I've learned a little bit each time I feel like. Honestly. You know a lot of things have to go your way it's easy for me to say that. But at the same time you know guys like tiger to win four times -- year people are saying that it -- -- you know here so. To win your first time. You got to catch -- -- breaks you got to believe in yourself on the back nine and honestly if you if you -- never heard and I'm hoping to see soon enough. After round 13 shots of the lead you're in good position. And what -- to you the rest -- -- -- look thank you very much thank goodness that is. CSN Washington dot com.

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