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Nats look to minor leagues to bolster bullpen



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody welcome to the Miley spotlight presented -- guy. The nationals have already made several changes to their bullpen this season bringing up guys like Ian Cole Eric Davis and Fernando -- from the minors. The new addition to bounce and half -- -- with more lefties given Davey Johnson more confidence in his relief pitchers. But soon they could have even more help on the way right hander Christian Garcia is getting closer in his rehab from a torn tendon in his forearm. After being shut down in spring training Davies said Garcia's fortified outings at Syracuse away from a call up. Garcia can return to form he would immediately help and that's bullpen. They have more talent than they did earlier this year for Garcia stuff is electric in the team thinks very highly of him. They did after all trust them enough to pitch in the playoffs last season after making his MLB debut just a month before. With your Miley spotlight present like I go I'm chasing his. CSN Washington dot com.



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