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Chris Miller talks Victor Oladipo with DeMatha's Mike Jones



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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com with that being said were please be joined by his high school coach -- the head basketball coach Mike Jones. Mike this has been a tremendous process to just watch it unfold for those of us who have covered and followed these kids. But for you being his head coach what does this process been like for you. Almost like I'm in the draft -- today in. It's kind of funny to say that but no he represents a lot of all the great things about the method and no we O'Connor Phillip we have small part of this we're very proud of. He is on a tremendous job as you know in all these workouts in terms of his interviews we just talked to some of the Orlando media they're impressed by I'm just the first Sunday had a chance to talk to him. Are you surprised that he has had -- this meteoric rise this past month. This in the press tomorrow because all of the above personality no surprise. Mean he is who use the best fans want change and that's one of the things that things have really makes -- special. He's -- himself. And now money and fame and fortune and none of us let's -- -- so again very proud. -- But to get to this point. And to see him come in today with that -- on looking very death -- might -- but -- did this not only a sense of pride but there's got to be -- school Fries with that. This song category where. And everything Garrett. Nothing was given thought to be one of the first for the city he's overcome so many other doubters. People resisted thinking was good enough and that's obviously motivated them and again he's just didn't sit back to use him as an example photo of a young guys coming behind them. You couldn't pick a better person. Cannot even follow me on Twitter and also -- CSN Washington we've been posting pictures. Of Victor trying out some suits today he even looked like he was on the Wall Street today and one of the -- yet on as paper and everything like that. So people at home the back story behind his suit and that nice guys to pick up the tab for his first suit to those things. -- resilient it did some different things have been here so you know -- that encompasses the list here mess -- and thought was thrown out there and that he possibly be consistently. Saw both assume -- do you -- down vs and vs. Their draft my season if you make it -- MBA normal warm weather and you also must graduate and again. Who could demands that he was going to bed -- aims to have the -- years did immediate so. And then you know fortunately quote guys with the frame but he has -- you have people wanting to QB stuff so he's there companies. Making some program and that was kind of a photo shoot so. He's benefiting from his new self train am again just we're very proud of is kind of fun to be -- some -- ones that. And now all the speculation -- want in the less than an hour we will finally realize where Alex -- Otto Porter and -- old people be drafted don't forget also here agreements from our area want to Paul's sixth led the nation and score -- 25 points -- game he had a second work out today with the San Antonio Spurs the Beatrice -- -- -- -- dispersal take him. Either in the first round or in the sec around coach appreciate the time enjoy this process of we've been -- victim. You heard from the coach at that Cassell sitting back view Cleveland you are on the clock. CSN Washington dot com.

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