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Nats fans eagerly anticipating Harper's return



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  2. Colorado Iraqis0:20
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Thu, 27 Jun 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Everyone welcome back to the baseball show and know those people aren't lined up for the latest ipodder air Jordan released. And trust me there's no free gear involved either. Those for the lines outside NASCAR last Sunday for the captain nationals the -- series for the Colorado Iraqis. Our fans braved the rain that you up hours before the gates opened at 11 AM. Health and -- with Bryce Harper Bobble -- deaths. The thing pretty relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning. The 151000 harper minis -- gun with about ninety minutes to spare before the first pitch. Leaving plenty of time for those hardcore fans to set up auctions on -- day or watch the race crash in his first we'll be peas and his knee injury. And for that harper received -- standing. -- according to mlb.com. Tom's dad. But the crowd didn't stop in Washington. The 2012 rookie of the year has been selling out the and for more on -- rehab assignment in the coming returned check out CSN Washington dot com. And that'll do for this week's easy one presented by element. CSN Washington dot com.

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