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John Riggins scared Joe Gibbs in racing Winnebago



CSN Washington dot com. -- -- Our backs were so loud and as you can see that is John really is not his office has changed used to be to be the right now before Bob -- now he's out there. Woods it's like jungles in the sense but John has joined us now and said here's what some -- and done what we do have a new show here on Comcast sports net. Is to be at 1130 on Saturday starting July 6. I don't -- I'm all right let me take arbitrator -- -- showed thank Comcast sports net for allowing -- -- on the range to be on the -- we're really looking forward to a very. Very receive there and of course our presenting sponsor Geico thank everybody -- guys. And by the way this is for you Brian and doc would camera we're on here. I came -- partly it's the way you're. Pitches I mean for the moment you're a guy that always perform the best in the moment was that moment like when your -- stock in. And you waiting on that group that killed shot and you know is being filmed. First ball -- let me say this this surely isn't about you know it's about. Having a good time. It's about going out with people. And the socialization and on because -- in so many ways which I never realized this bird but rather than psychologist will tell you that. Sports is really represented the hunt that's how that came about. So in when you actually Honda or. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you find that they're there for some serious peril and for us you know we go out you know that faith at the moment. You know they've built their fight and I was I was looking a bit but I just thought I realize that with a Stallworth on my property. Don't I always have been you never -- -- -- felt like that. But -- it what do you find is is that when you've waited all day long for that one opportunity. And if you boy or sneeze or -- yourself and stupid. You're gonna get piazza -- so and you've got to compounds that what all the adrenaline is just coursing through your body you know I'm telling others that. If it's you're in the moment is what you said you've got to be in the moment. You got to have different guys don't -- in the to have Dexter Manley Danny white. Bobby night after about a nice now one guy Joseph Jackson didn't -- coastal -- He won't -- There is no doubt. I Hitler joke out of it got a clock will start off of that I didn't hear back from what I think maybe we could -- Norman you know right outside your front door that. You just let me think about -- back to love and he did so. Yeah we were just down at beginning of may and did affect me. There was actually an immediate futures you know. It was he was great and you want to see what he's accomplished. Outside of football. Your candidacy is complex -- more college because. When you go down there you actually think your car show it looked like it or -- -- what they have with all the different stations for the body work the engine work and then the stuff that they do it is he's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. We have a lot of fun down there and then the great part of that when. When I get into it way ours were able to go to Charlotte motor speedway and you know get a couple laps of marxism and recovered 141000 miles this fall in Winnebago. And that we called the regular days ago which we thought. Anyway honestly I talked Joel let me take great debate over couple laps around. The Charlotte motor speedway and so when I first got in there. Mean I look at that thing in the bank and I think I'm forty finally -- I'm thinking I'm the only thing I thought it because it's a top heavy and here we pull out of that you know or you know they all come out to get on you don't let me correct. And he's going. Drag get a lot of time again about what we didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- So are you listen to it. We know a couple laps and by second lap I'm born and he do we before he said this about a wasted you'd see -- point over there on the on the turn over the goes in and back over on the says. You know you lay your hands off the wheel the car will drive itself around that curve so on the second lap I think Joseph is -- the part where I take my hands off so -- an athlete that. Time to go to the -- The other is he would like he had me on to the point with that he was critical. CSN Washington dot com.



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