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John Riggins compares hunting to football



CSN Washington dot com. Quick read what I mean the master okay former -- Dallas cowboy legend what was that like is you guys were out there just two guys two Warriors. Out to -- hunt and -- though he's great outdoors. What Randy is an -- -- he's. I haven't had him on the show yet but he is were in the process of security to get him on the show and I think windy although he did tell me he just got 308 which is a rifle. That and you know down after the Earl Holmes. So you want to call from my -- do a little fishing -- And -- didn't -- -- Welcome as he ought not get -- all the Braves would be very starting July 6. 1130 hero Comcast sports net. And also if you wanna get more information go to www. Wriggle on the range dot com but before you get out his job I should question. You get as much excitement doing the things you're doing now and tell them the big men well yet you have to know I don't -- it is football. Exactly -- and Brian and in. And I have to say that now apparently affected you know gonna get many moments like the playoffs -- football I -- yeah -- very many things that rejoice that now I think because you know what if you do miss that shot and you're not and -- get dinner like you can have them if they do -- yet. You play this game football or whatever it is baseball as well and you get -- you get to the level of words the champion's going to be. Hey that's once in lifetime type stuff but I won't say this. You get similar satisfaction. And I think I told you guys a little bit -- -- time -- but when it's -- Oakland this year it looked like the -- was not gonna happen for all you know stronger with you know I thought. That actually I had an opportunity. To take a spike -- out there but I. -- I'm not Daniel -- on our -- I mean I can shoot but you know I forget that after contract through the Democrats. Make. But I the I had an opportunity but you know I'm conscientious honest I didn't take it to that would insure my shot I didn't know for sure it was just like you know. And today is what I'm thinking are we -- next -- it didn't happen with the into the hunt and I'm thinking I'm going home empty handed -- -- not gonna get to show was an eight days here. And won't be holders that moment were about a fifty yard to a accused by it in the road. Again the one -- to go very well accountancy and that's about how fast -- happened. And I shoot the thing runs off and I shot with a four for a few winters or right which is an -- got him out of -- -- -- -- -- and I think should be on -- side I think mr. Cameron's vision crashed it would rundown there it's about -- Ryan starts -- we can't find blood. Clint comes along with his proper run back that can ever get flashlights and had a friend there with him in about thirty minutes later we find out. And let me tell yourself the exhilaration that I got from that was very similar to -- in regular season scoring the winning. -- CSN Washington dot com.



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