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Patrick Reed: Having his wife as his caddy



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Fri, 28 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com it. After a frustrating day on Thursday Patrick Reed came out hot for around to shooting a 629. For his first nine here at congressional. And better than that he's not the only read enjoying his success firsthand. It's a man's world out here. But there's one caddie who stands out in the crowd even at five foot 102 pounds. Justine read carries a bag almost half her weight and sports a wedding band not typically seen on caddies. And her pro happens to be her husband's -- some of the team. From spring Texas. Patrick -- You could say it's a labor of. Love just like marriage for a team and now that's so that's those -- in -- work and it got here she -- each competitor and so -- mine. Nash just did today if it off pretty well and it's perfect perfect match for the team. It's kind of fun having somebody there by your side all the time and you have that support system and you. You've been in the same kind of situations together sent. We've got a lot aunts warned pretty unique bond between us the -- -- been married only seven months so. While on the green it may seem to newlyweds are. Whispering sweet nothings they're really just strategizing on the line of the next putt. I'm kind of learn how to be a -- on ten so -- And it was is it quickly learning process and I mean he was the best teacher in essence he just -- meets here. Tennis that the game how Q how he needed a caddie to be what he needed and -- -- Is it. Has been a great learning experience and still learning center and we're just having fun out there and trying to. Trying to get some work done before Justine started caddie for Patrick last season he had never finished higher than 66 on the PGA tour. With his wife on the bag he is now enjoyed two top ten finishes this year. Which means the pair has earned their peers respect. You know the very beginning and they're giving hard time and I'm just just for fun because I mean he's -- -- have a lot of fun out here you know or playing golf but. You know and it's been a lot of fun and get the guys all supported marriage thing mean they've cheered and treat her -- just like who were all part of the -- PGA tour which is nice. The -- say that Justine will continue to caddy for Patrick. Until they start a family now Justine did tell me that Patrick said once he has that baby she's back on the bag. She said she's not too sure about that at congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.