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A look at the history of Congressional



  1. Ernie Els1:06, 1:12
  2. US open0:36, 1:00, 1:05
  3. Tiger Woods1:17, 1:44
  4. Rory McIlroy1:57
  5. Tom Watson0:55
  6. Stockton0:48
  7. PGA championship0:46
  8. golf course2:01
Fri, 28 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com well -- no doubt. The one event that with this course on the national map was in 1964 yourselves absolutely what a historic event that was. Hi Ken Venturi the late great Ken Venturi. Was a champion you know almost died of heat exhaustion out here. So last year in the US GA played 36 holes on the final day. In 2011. On the club name's Ken Venturi an honorary member. And can donated a lot of his personal. Items from that 1964 US open. When John the second time there's a major here was in 1976 which are pretty good here for the country I was a big year in 1976. Bicentennial year. We hosted the PGA championship. Dave Stockton was a winner. And then in 1995. We hosted the United States senior championship in which Tom Watson couples -- -- And then two years later were right back here for US open. Absolutely coming out of the senior open 97. US open champion. Ernie Els. Played really well here shot four under but amazingly in our lives with Ernie Els a great champions what's the usual. Focus becomes the other guys there is Tiger Woods. This is. His rookie year period of impact from. Sounds like this course got the rest of it at that was his rookie year you know all eyes were on tiger because he had just won the masters that year. So everybody was thinking boy if he could just win at congressional maybe you gonna win the Grand Slam and you know he's here he comes. Four it was column is. You know Gloria and as it says right here Tiger Woods on finishing. At -- 97 us open. The suffering is over the course beat me up. Quote unquote and rob most recently our 2011. Champion Rory McIlroy. Played better than anybody's ever played on this golf course under the circumstances under the pressure of competition. Fabulous fabulous apartment for Rory did you think when you won that tournament. We're seeing an -- -- absolutely. You know the way that he played the way that he dominated of course wade dominated the field. He really will be one of the bright bright. Stars here for the future. CSN Washington dot com.

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