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Brian Orakpo will benefit from a year off



CSN Washington dot com -- an announcement to run a wreck or read a comment he said. He's helped us more of where my beard out last year and -- got to -- -- -- to say I. I agree with that a lot of our players did really get away from the game they don't see things -- Brian Orakpo was always there supporting his team hey you're wrong but looking and you get when you looking from the sideline that you try to stay in the game. The seized up to your teammates. You see a lot more for yourself you become a lot more. Quick. You got quick to see Dave how are quick to do that you can see other thing is that they weren't we brought correct what the -- goes around the hole on most of the time. I'm sure -- -- to open on this and I think they did implement those things you saw Wallace on -- He would not only be a smartly. Give -- much better player. And I think if he began the being better. Go for it and I'm an asset -- have fact that 1213 fourteen sacks. All the sudden this -- is unbelievable will be talking about it because alone a bit later in the show and I'll say. This guy can be special. He's got a great football demeanor. He loves to lift he loves to work and he's going against Trent Williams he gets that luxury. A born again this can't cal does a -- rags reminds me of the prize bull missed and eat and he would have those classic confrontations -- Joseph Jacoby. You did better when you've got to got to go up against the practices as a professional. Orakpo was a guy I wanna be wanna see -- successful because I know how much he put into the game. CSN Washington dot com.


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