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How do the Wizards draft picks fit in DC?



CSN Washington dot com are thinking here thought was as in Saturday Michael NG the Wizards got their guy at three Otto Porter no surprise there. Now the work really begins to -- this basketball team right away. While he helps this team in the sense that he's a two way player. In those -- becoming a premium in the NBA you hear a lot of people compare Otto Porter to Paul George of the Indiana Pacers simply because he's a tall lanky six foot eight guy who who can also score. But guard guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant in that swing position on the floor is the most difficult position. To guard in basketball in when you consider -- the Wizards -- -- top ten defense last season -- -- a guy like Otto -- you can have Trevor a reason -- you potentially gonna have Martell Webster back in the fold that's gonna make this incredibly deep team at that position. Let's keep this in mind though they did finish the league thirtieth and -- so hopefully Ottawa's offence. What helped them as well as defense in the second round the Wizards traded their picks their two picks in the second round to move up to 35 and give. Glen Rice junior who played at Georgia Tech but most recently played. In the -- -- Pace had a couple missteps during his time in college but the Wizards feel like easy first round talent but a second round grade. That's probably true if it wasn't for the gun incident that he had a Georgia Tech. He would've had to go this route getting kicked out of school having to go to the 65 guy who can potentially play this shooting guard position as well as small forward as well so you have even more depth. For the Wizards at that spot if he can pan out. That makes the Wizards a much better scoring team and were last year 93 point two points per game was tied for last in the NBA. -- -- there was some news league wide also decide as a shock and Anthony did it with the Cleveland the big news Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Jason Terry go to Brooklyn. All of a sudden now the nets look like a team that will be formidable next year albeit a little hole. That's not not only old but they're gonna be taken on a lot of salary so. Bump with the nets obviously going to be one of the top four teams in the NBA next year of course long term a few years from now who knows exactly where they'll be Boston will be in the cellar the Wizards should be better than them. Aren't world but it -- thank -- that's the goal off free agency by the way starts July the first we'll see how active the -- will be for. Some affect you in studio. CSN Washington dot com.



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  10. Paul George0:23
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