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Pontius: I thought we had the right mindset starting the game."



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Wed, 31 Dec 1969|


CSN Washington dot com. And we're joined now by one of the key players today and really all season long for DC united -- -- -- Chris thanks a lot for sticking around to be with us. We're not gonna ask you about the. Finally Pavano wanted to get find. But I thought about the way things started for DC united you know and there was are you starting up top flight that was a pretty good move communication and interplay between the -- you. Did. And so did a good job in the first half minus -- didn't -- Push pretty hard. Know much if not you're going. Thought we had our minds and certainly the they get bailed out by called. We need to be a lot cleaner in the second half and in this sort of funnel balls in general. Chris Bosh flops in the studio here for a fact yes dominant game -- for the few chances to come out in the second half in the first minute young. Controversial call home. How deflating was black hole in the actual. You know but then scored a goal how deflating was that for the players on the pitch he. I don't think this you know I don't feel -- deflated us. You know I think. We had the right mindset after the that we knew we pushed through a bit after. And at the end we just got heavy legs we had a few games. This past week. And so we're gonna call on everyone's these next couple weeks and got another when -- Sunday game. Room after his second. Playing before I flew the team did very well created some chances and open cup that was against the New England team that have been doing okay and leave them there have been fighting at that time. What do you see as some of the that. MLS play and the way you guys have been playing US open cup. I think we've just we've we've been clear in the open cup and kept possession we need to -- -- our chances. We haven't done that in a must play we haven't you know who's got enough in those games in the open cup and force teams will play against us and unfortunately we have done and must play. -- as well thank you very much you worked hard as always today so I could have been a better result and we look forward to more good things coming up. In the open cup going to so much Chris. CSN Washington dot com.

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