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CSN Washington dot com. I expected golf wise man once said look good feel good feel good play good play good get paid good. Some golfers this week at congressional opener fashions -- on full display here at TD were sort of limited by what we can Wear parred my way -- monocle. Okay some hugs. No patience. For comfort. Here's some of the people at congressional were much better. Sort of see some of the planning personalize their own players. I mean there's fashion always involved but I think it's a little more now. So it's always been around and attack -- assume more tolerant and more guys. -- -- I'm pretty proud. The more you can't really hit a chip shot without running ticket ranked Oklahoma State orange or the Manhattan -- coming to -- and -- to seal off that guys on from it. You know other than having a rough day -- target date. I can always look out the crowd. I -- fans out there I just like is closing -- and he's very unique and like I. -- act like the one time happens I -- -- how much film about the only person years. Tune -- just like drinking. And people think a little luck like him yeah Steve -- taking me to do is your guys' favorite author rich family. We shut down your -- fell on hard court. Okay I mean they are different fashions in different sides I guess -- like the more athletic comic the tiger around. I mean Ricky Dawson they'll have pretty good fashion's pretty. How short. Well I pulled these out this morning -- my wife told me that she was gonna Wear white shorts and a blue top and I could not where either. So I said okay fine I'll retaliate and I pull these out of the closet haven't had a mark for awhile but they're colorful and then make a statement -- -- Go fashion on new clothes and fashionable. -- and having known him wearing colors and he's is that sending and so I think there's no -- is extremely fast. I. Sorry I'm still trying not to mention you. Or you want to not trust his breaking news -- IQ is the problem. You know I was fifth and sixth lap and will be I've seen him on the course wearing a red shirt and red pants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a red light it may read behind. -- but that your -- You walk off and I get a feel for that -- by helicopter support this video there. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Oklahoma State0:51
  2. Manhattan0:52
  3. Washington0:02, 2:54
  4. target date0:59
  5. red light2:40
  6. red shirt2:32
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