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George McPhee on Caps first round pick Andre Burakovsky



CSN Washington dot com. Tremendous feel. -- but the way plays. This particular time to develop though I don't think he's going to me. But it depends where you draft him when someone is in line a fixture on your leader. This contented little more time and that's okay. There's some. Some of the keys and make moves through junior as well and north and it's. That you get to the secondly I think. It's. Definitely want to do it's it's important we understand if you. It's been here -- -- more room two years he's been takes some time so. This particular time you're right. -- important -- you think his track. Through my. Playing on me and he -- streets. As -- -- the in the upcoming season. Not necessarily. It's the competition that's really. They've immensely over there this year's team in little. Junior's -- quite enough -- too much. So to find the right place and then what was in the -- that you guys drafted him make him more attractive to teams just as a possible leaderboard thanks so. -- CSN Washington dot com.


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