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Early tee times didn't deter fans from the AT&T National



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Sun, 30 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. The early morning start time didn't deter this crowd at the first tee. Over on the third green three generations of the W Stanley staked out their spot at 8 AM. We're ramps we planned to stay here till about 1130. And then -- the Clinton and then we're going home and watched her rest until. Sounds like a great plan so you're really gonna miss the rain and they heat and all that and we were hoping that happens it's a yesterday we were here in this is a good -- Casilla to -- All the drives the approach shots -- it's an agreement with the flag being right in front of us and no one is in front of exactly. As the first groups teed off the ninth fairway stood empty save for the marshals holding their morning briefing. And these fans were already in place for the prime view at the seventh green. Well normally we try to get out early and stick on it and -- nice but when they beat Shay you know just that we we get closer rope line that we used when the -- come by you don't have to worry about. To a three TNT confronting you so that's always good today. Delegate here in the morning that we have all day and since it might rain it's -- -- a lot of golf instinct. Eagles ban on it later on in the days. A tie game in the morning. As we waiting here on the seventh green for the first group to come through it is eerily quiet. But the question is out of the golfers feel about these Sunday changes. It's nice you know same time what we strive for having this huge crowds there -- things I mean your plan -- on Sunday and you know. Fortune now work because of the weather that's moving and they split -- and we have here right in the middle so. -- it we've had three. Were wake up calls for an this week or just alone so you know we can't wait to skits and actually can go relax -- You always one play -- stretch always -- finish on Sunday ten so you know we understand when the weather is just part of it and Gary kind of feel back to determine because they've liked to finish right at 6 o'clock the last putt going in so. But I mean I think it's a Smart move in case you do get afternoon thundershower than ever have to feel -- out here on Monday you know. Congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington -- CSN Washington dot com.

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