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Haas: "I just tried to stay in the moment."



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Sun, 30 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Probably four golfers now to win and he's the last four seasons doing Justin. Dustin. And filled the bill lost the tip of the AT&T national congratulations on. On the victory. After yesterday and how up and down the round. What determined. Today thinking. I mean you think it happened honestly. Nine birdies I knew I -- -- plugging good things yesterday but. That you may members only shoot three under I -- -- -- -- out there and I'm basically just try to stay in the moment and tell myself hopefully and you know really shoot yourself in the foot too much today. It helped today revert so Castro's plan very nice golf and not count put me on any time he made a birdie at Celek and he'd make point in. -- my plan partners tell me today. But eating it happened today after yesterday you know I'm just just try to stay in the moment. You really feel about number eleven practice well today or was it felt like an eagle mean. You say your memory here at congressional I don't know I could play a hole every day I don't qualify for the numbers only go there there is made double yesterday so I could. Put it in the water for a -- world with my third shot any time yeah they know you know what else feeling right there hand up. Eleven very difficult hole and he is you know that's Stephanopoulos beat -- three -- three areas of his strategy was solid tee shot. And in this thing it's just a little harsh on hold in my opinion around here and today was -- -- -- -- so any time you walk off Al park that is true I -- -- -- -- remember back 2006. Was -- join the -- your first event was that across the river across from. Across the way there to have and -- remember the first interview I did on the range and I get ready to talk to you and you said Poulter. He would go back give back the mixture -- the title is that because you're young -- in the business and that business right commissioner brand is there how how much have you. Which -- since that year. In a way a lot I think you know married with just had a a son seven weeks to get revelations thank you. In a lot of ways to seven man I think amateur golf why that's the -- and every day. This is pretty special he says that this thing isn't my first professional start here. In this tournament. And now I wanted to have to be put my name on that trophy. I'd like to say have matured and grown up and that's the reason it happened but on this is just another learning curve and a steppingstone on the way. You have the lead and you're coming down the stretch you consciously change your game or you try to keep doing what got you the lead. I don't best -- it's like the toughest decision to make his weathered it. Keep going and taking quick shots -- shooting well here but by doing that you might let the other team back in the game so you worry about. You know really pulling back when you do get the lead. -- maybe a little. I think like any sport. I like to start compared gun go off to other sports in the basketball but if he had a twenty point lead. I think you know honestly going to prevent defense and all -- kind of stuff you don't just slowdown but. You don't take it -- shot -- in the off you don't take the you don't hit a three -- high cut shot -- -- a tough -- you know you. You just say all right this is not a whole armament birdied play Smart and I think yet they can use the lead is an advantage does him allows you to play smarter as opposed to get Jason he's having to be aggressive -- every shot. -- Marion missed the cut the rough is up rough is appears well how fine is that line from missing a cut to winning a tournament. It's very close. You know I'm not a finished fifth the week before it Muirfield the memorial Jack's turn. And stellar play about the same there as it is -- -- so and so. You had a great week you have bad week I think you have to break off the rear -- mere good and bad missing three last four cuts. Certainly. A lot of bad stuff going on but I think you have to forget about it this week with a new week. Sounds cliche that everybody starts every week even par and you have to go from there. You guys talk at all -- legitimacy in you you watch the broadcast. There might be a good putt -- you guys have a chance to check and get three ACC guys you know -- in that in that threesome there. Is there any chatter or you just television. Milledge definitely chatter. They could be anything. This is definitely not about golf whatever are better is yet it. Well for one you're trying to you know he is no advice to get in or anything like that you know it's just. It's -- great shot -- and it's a really when you talk about that was awesome you know I'm I'm very happy needed to tell somebody great shot pretty good shock is. As much as allied plan and doing well I'll watch in the best players play as well so. There's plenty of chatter bit less than you think getting. I don't -- just a basketball fearsome front -- I think you hear less. Trash talking last chatter and at least I feel like you do you rate it's more they just kind of seem to know I'm I'm around me talking out of line here give yourself a front row next to him. Well it's funny is yelling on stuff but I mean between the players knowledge -- This coaching things I've asked that haven't listed coaching little a level local level it's a little louder than. To say so -- It does this does this change your goals like for freer when you get that win does that change the way you look at things -- rest of the year. A little bit because this is my ultimate goal every year to win any tournament. It's not done that I've yet to -- actually my first though when I did win later that year. But two wins twice in the year unbelievable feeling. I -- compete in the majors we still got it. A couple left and now I would like to be. Feel the same thing us down there today. Coming down the stretch some at a major I really haven't felt that way at a major yet. I've been closely eleven from the PGA and how best finish and make yourself. Personally have a lot of goals there and hopefully we like to be sharp for the British and PGA coming up. You know we'll see in a couple of weeks there Bill Haas congratulations on winning teams cannot hope to see that you would defend here at congressional country. -- CSN Washington dot com.