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Caps select Andre Burakovsky in the first round of the 2013 NHL Draft



CSN Washington dot com. Over the years the caps have done a great job of selecting young talent in the draft and -- developing those players guys like Alexander back in the pack them. Mike Green all becoming -- star. For some reason playoff victories and championships have not followed suit here in DC told can't continue to build for the future. And today they had a 25 overall pick in the first round of the NHL draft selecting Andrei -- Hobbs he out of Sweden. He's -- about when. With only eighteen years old for cost you listed at six foot 1175. Pounds is very good at handling the puck we just need to work on the defensive. -- bottled water was selected by the Rangers in 1985. Ended up playing 23 games -- -- actually it's my first time ever and it -- draft. I regret because of players whenever -- my first time this has been an exciting you know infrastructure that every home it was going to be very exciting. -- some action in. Floors will be electrifying. -- It's been great and we then I've really and it's just talk about him yet because you know that they're involved every fifteen minutes of that team so I really haven't. No information on -- final tally them they lose that -- that. Kelly told me that this text them he's that I might think it's that. It's it didn't ring a bell saw Sam looking forward to learning about. CSN Washington dot com.



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