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Mon, 1 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Speaking with a few of the players it's amazing. How they feel about congressional. Not just. It's great golf course it just to feel the place and how it is to be the nation's capital with the military and all those things so. Hopefully. You know that that continues because I think it's really needed here. Yeah I'm sure that the community supports golf and its -- bigger events and there's no question about that. And I think in this community to have something like this with tiger's name attached to it and congressional part of this part of our partnership. Membership board and they're great people and they really have had us here since 2007. Have been hosting golf now for seven years. With the open. New greens and everything that they've done but I mean five majors is places hosted its minutes of one of the iconic clubs. And although certainly America if not all the world is here next year I guess what you're in here and your heart your gut. About what takes place after 2014. Well what we're going to be in Washington DC playing golf and we've had many conversations with the board the membership and and the leadership here -- the club and I mean they're great I mean they're very welcoming Abbas and I think they'd like to host the tournament here. And I'm certain that we can work out something I think it'll be accommodating for them and what really makes the sense they would like to be journal longer term basis but I think we need to figure out what's right for the club and how we can do that and have a bunch conversations but they're very welcoming and very supportive enough. But we're going to be in Washington DC and in this is our home for sure. CSN Washington dot com.

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