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CSN Washington dot com. I'm gonna miss him and start -- summer my tire perspective on the Naval Academy. -- -- -- -- pool is big -- I got there quick. -- -- Nearly 181000. Applicants from all fifty states. Whittled down to just 1200. Only the best of the best except as it has been every year since the academy was founded -- 168. Years ago. Leaving this class of 26 team with the chosen. Really hard to understand how rigorous academic program here and the name of the Naval Academy. It's all -- Bachelor of Science very heavy math and science curriculum. And aid goes about eighteen credits to the eighteenth credit Christina its high. Really it's not that people are going to get it sell at the highest have been. Meantime I think it's going to be the loss of filling. And whatnot I. -- -- -- defined as a member of the lowest class of the Naval Academy. And with that lately spend most of their first year taking on new challenges. But one thing they have experienced plenty is physical training. -- Lots of PT a routine part of the championship. Physical fitness is -- -- look at the Naval Academy so much so that fifteen years ago. A group of fourth class midshipmen decided to special than I was in order to test the readiness of the class. Providing upperclassmen an opportunity to develop leadership skills. The sea trials were. Comcast sports -- was just an unprecedented access to the 2013 version of the longest day of the year at the Naval Academy. For the closing ceremony fifteen hours later we were there is America's best and brightest continued their march through Annapolis and -- Future America's military and just as important our country's future. He's played were testing but unlike any final exam they may have encountered in the classroom but classic ones. This -- it was all about strength. -- -- You push the limit you know you make -- fifteen carries. There really a long time essentially -- also worked with the upper class and they know how to train -- -- Then be physically ready for any event if you head -- doesn't people that I realize. Yeah in. Move on that yeah it's long it's gonna be physically challenging guns and afford to do my classmates. Eight different bases divided into 32 stations for thirty companies participating. All the spread throughout the Naval Academy campus -- trial this represented -- pinnacle event for the fourth class midshipmen. Really prepare them. The experience on the line. Lineup I got. I think my knees are going to be the skin off my knees literally no spring golf small little fallen and we had done by this time it was only 8 AM. -- -- the sea trials through the prism of free play just as they look to overcome the challenges today. Reflecting on the toughest year of their lives and finishing fourth gospel while serving as they say. He is often tested when he steps into the ring but Mascoll roster would encounter a test for which no team could ever prepare. -- I want. In the semester I got a call from my parents and it's only at my house burned down. Can't say you're on the. One measurement. Determination. For Sergio -- No obstacles are beyond her reach. I'm people don't believe -- live at five linemen and you. Laying a lot less than most people added that it's. In the fourth class of only nine -- to. Whenever that you like the academy is all about adjusting but for Gary Coleman junior and enlisted men. I told my -- -- big summer total. You know on this is this is not for me I wanted to graduate and you can only -- anymore. Insurance yeah. Yes these. Are the stories of the -- trials. Stay with us what this team. Behind the scenes of America's future heroes in training Comcast sports -- presents. Thirteen -- trial. Limited commercial interruption next. -- For the naval academy's class of 2016. To see trials are conclusion. A year's worth of dedication and hard work. The lessons learned since induction -- Must now manifest themselves in a ruling test designed to push the sleeps at their limit. The mission statement is clear to overcome today's challenge. -- must be strongest individuals. Commissioner since it's. Improve. Culminating physical and mental challenge just twice it's easy. That is designed to test team. I mentioned. Strengthening the bonds. Of company in class. Just hit it physical and mental barrier both individually. And as a team as a team. And as a team. Okay. Four days before the start of the 2013. Sea trials midshipman Victoria -- team gathers one final time. To finalize the logistics. Longest day of the year at the Naval Academy. That was my children up front on that -- that -- in the beginning -- -- back on Monday Sunday night for -- -- -- Avoided that I was -- one last round robins for any last minute things they have. It is up to midshipmen Canucks staff to efficiently coordinate more than 803. Games. Through fifteen hours of grueling events from station to station. Dangerous tasks without injury. Mostly organized by upperclassmen. -- browser is not just a learning experience for the -- first. The upperclassmen and the leadership opportunity for them. And effectively supplant McGinest do you inspire and motivate this is probably one of the toughest things to do it -- you can tell people what they want me longer to get them actually -- you. Required. Motivation -- Ultimately the success of the sea trials won't be measured by who ran -- jump the highest score but the hardest but who embraces the -- So this day. Crucial building block to be successful military career we'll be -- -- But some Bunkley -- fell but he -- that tell you they'll find out where they need to work on for the next three years they haven't been there. Brothers physically ill give you the Athens but he's -- par -- over the with the team. -- overcoming challenge and overcoming obstacles or fifteenth of -- -- together. In his speech for the class of 2016. On induction day last year vice admiral Michael Miller's. In order to succeed here and make it to graduation day and 2006 feet. You will have to work as a team. Individuals. Will not prevail. It. Just over a year ago more than 12100 quiet time fresh -- pleased entered a brand new world designed to transform them. The next generation fingers. Or Atlanta native classical serve and rolling at the naval. He was an easy choice giving him an opportunity to grow that the person he. I'm saying that it was the ideal fit for me because what I want to explore was leadership and boxing does or doesn't want to folks this year and that's -- it. That's what this place is really offering me I'm surrounded by people that are like minded driven. Really strong people. Really really understand what it takes -- to become. The leaders that are gonna leave this military. -- -- -- -- Gold -- and his fellow classmates are part of a select group to be able. Anything's gave away from the play really when you spend time you know like how. Only 7%. Of those who -- to be part of the class of 2016. Were accepted you know we don't really want to succeed and so you know having having these challenges it just makes it that once more. That was more important for a -- to make sure again. Memorize anything to memorize it get approved need to get up early and actually do the worst that best describe because we -- want because there is only sixteen. To succeed the pleased with the life is different than most college freshmen. The freedoms many first your college students are accustomed to don't exist on this campus restrictions include no TV or music or movies. Please cannot Wear civilian clothing. And can only speak when spoken to by an upper class. Hopefully stay as filled with training and academics -- little time for socializing. The different kind of stuff is not you know. This is as tough physically but is also really tough mentally you know you have to you have to be -- -- as far as your mind your mind -- -- -- -- -- every day every day you wake you have to know that you know -- in the United States Naval Academy I have to I have to give 100%. -- of myself. You know again -- really every day go to bed laid -- trying to you know still -- you both athletics and that. And everything like dad. The same time you know you just academically. So you mostly social time. Unfortunately for gold -- This challenges extended past the campus. Yeah -- -- and -- it's. Yeah and. The end semester I got a call from the various and it's only that my house burned down in December. There's a nice and so there really got to go home and you know coming from homes and not homeless detonations. John by the house you know and then -- assistant charred wreck you know go to the go to the subject of the fun things that are -- -- News is it was really just tough mental strain yeah. Hopefully -- hard enough to the most ideal situations. But good things at home unsettled in the navy community rallied around one of their own. Mind you Chavous and come tomorrow not come -- personally you know toss and initially I think it's all right there is out my mom was having a hard time. You know them the time commander of chance in my room made sure things okay. Really just the support that I had everywhere news news really inspiring. Inspiration isn't hard to find at the Naval Academy. With sleeves of all sizes and working together toward the same goal. Room. It's. Yeah. And my kids and then. Yeah. I don't think they're ready for the long hitter. The dark face as she tries to. It's just after 3 in the morning as the league's got their own very -- field together -- we'll test their minds. And spirit today. For roughly the next fifteen hours. Don't be put through a series of challenges that we serve as a culmination of a life changing here at the Naval Academy. The day begins for the physical warm. This time in the mood to slice -- -- please deal starts there regiment the dark phase was the funniest. Part. A C drops. Because the dark -- pleased we and all the energy. You know we just waking up and now we were ready you know hit the ground running. And that was picked -- Rose gave me my. I -- says attack is not -- Then there with us and I'm making a lot of fun and I'm -- until then guarantee that. -- Then music playing for Israel you know there are a lot of upper class of Ayers and 3 in the morning you weren't going with us but still wanted to get the sport isn't that got -- -- Jazz. Laughter and smiles as soon give way to -- faces of determination. And exhaustion. But for now the -- is filled with giddy anticipation and while some -- wrestle with a giant -- Others begin their -- and return to the wire calls. The dark -- just the warmup for the challenges to come. There really wasn't you know that that's strenuous is the kind of cool how silly you you know we didn't really get overheated. -- I mean it was so challenging. But as the sun rises over -- -- -- -- see trials begins in our. Companies soon realise the real challenges had yet to begin the in the sand bag -- companies are still three separate walls using the sand bags provided the key is speed and keeping your fellow classmates motivate. Every -- Outline of TV. And do it every golf. You think as long as you want guys you know laid it laid down behind at the. Please turn around. Flyers physical training you know. Extra level this county to an already difficult exercise. In this for the most successful teams for the ones which put together who. -- spirits -- The success of teamwork isn't just measured by the physical. Also -- the ones that present mental challenges. In the explosive ordnance disposal for -- companies must use their wits to complete their mission -- growing exhaustion. -- -- right now views of the objects that are laid out the very specific manner. On the other side of this obstacle course they're a little hands -- quick but perfect tops on that Beckham. So I could win it again can you not want to go we'll go down well this. I'm Emery and rearrange these objects batter -- stands out. -- if you're successful in doing that my staff is to get his ankle did you throw it down. Briscoe was Andrews yeah. -- must navigate through this course without touching the wires while upperclassmen do their best to provide a distraction. Screaming this information. Inside -- job keeping sharp mentally just as much a part of -- trousers any physical lives. In the -- -- memorizing pitcher could be just as hard as doing thirty pushups or. -- this is a drill that above all it requires focus and being able to trust your team. I didn't want to go and even if it's not going to go this doesn't that this. Every game -- I end up I don't mind playing I don't deserve it I -- thank you doctor tells us. And as I you don't. The pull up his yeah okay. It's easy to see when a team completes -- task -- successfully. Upon teamwork can help overcome any challenge. I waiving them -- yeah. Cleaves on campus went through more challenges than Max didn't answer did this past year. On top of the rigorous sleep schedules and losing in this house the ones who was also part of the navy boxing team. Impressively finishing the season ranked second in the country and despite the individual nature -- -- the theme of team resonates even still I mean there's there's a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a year rent there on the sidelines with a minute and you're cheering yelling it's almost there now doesn't -- -- it doesn't matter of physics astronomy that was today transport. For gold -- certain to see trials turned out not to be just funny games. -- in life lessons learned here are -- learned the hard way yeah. Whether it was a copper square is. I'm I couldn't really tell you Benson I do you know that's something went wrong and many. Love the -- came over and say you know I've I really wanna sit here and Indian news you know. Like you'll be able to finish but I really need you need to get checked out and I said you know that's really now and I'm trying to do mind. My company commander must come Nixon came over and I talked into in there right now I mean he's got to finish. -- I don't think -- Miller live with that. I just as south side will. Max would spend the rest of the day on the sidelines with his company serving as an inspirational voice. More really excited and proud to watch watch wrestling companies carry on. The way they did and you know I try to provide as much motivation is a good you know still -- -- you know seeing -- people water. You know trying to just how how about -- good. Preparing young men and women for battle is as much a part of -- -- anything else. The refereeing drill is another example that lessons learned on this day will carry forward. Throughout their military career. I've ever spent in the play until they're great -- That now we've got to Brewers I think that. That I was a little mark on the cover if you for the larger facility in our purposes because typically the little exposure. What tactics did he go to study. -- little -- good many red. We haven't -- around the outside of course thought -- -- -- Islanders and we'll make it -- the around the course this year -- to come down. That -- though their creator with -- requirement -- they're a little flash bang in the red and vehicles coming applies pressure. The players basically help them get back -- downed pilot and other houses and their through the pilot to get him back to -- there where there extracting big bad. -- -- But not. -- just an exercise the importance of the refereeing there can't be overstated. -- hostage situation success will only be achieved by the work of a cohesive unit working towards this team. In the people exercise teams play game of capture the flag. Coordinating their attack against their fellow company us. Aaron there aren't. Strategy plays a huge role for companies in this drill. Those with the plan and to succeed far more than those without. In the please willing to sacrifice themselves to -- the mission is more important and an individual but just. Bring up today I kind of sacrifice myself about a flier miles are there let me say when I was signing and they. They got the I think it was a flag getting his feet up the flag in a win win that evolution. -- for the team. Team. A simple concept. The idea that any number of individuals can come together to succeed as a single you. It is just one part the sea trials learning process but an idea. The class of 2006 to. Realizing they -- -- -- and and then coming -- and finding lanes because everyone has Allentown. And keep my game being me and helps. I can't get a. Okay. You know you can't -- home. Most people only Allen that's gonna fifteen I Darren has been -- -- Noble or -- for literature the I believe that Manuel was not really into. He will prevail. He is immortal. Not because he alone among creatures as an inexhaustible voice. But because he has so. My spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice. And endurance. The naval station side. That's the -- were confronted with the task of running the obstacle course. The obstacle course of the US Naval Academy it was designed by the Marines to challenge physical fortitude -- The course measures the upper and lower body fit for the please while hurdling mosques crossing monkey bars. -- over high walls of the. -- -- -- -- -- Jim thank god they've learned -- can bet at -- yeah. Feel like did. Basically a kind of everything that's. Tonight Pete how mentally if -- we get over. Arizona house was a difficult I mean Cowboys had trouble monkey bars -- you know there's. A look at -- the -- in my section and. I think this is really hard for me whereas you know. Heard some of those -- days the road. Some people that that was wonderful so really it and provides sort of like a level playing field for everybody because. So muscles they just have Brothers. It's definitely great equalizer but a lot of fun nonetheless. Four midshipmen are looking to join the Marines men must complete the old course in one minute for women. Two minutes. I've done so I committed six I'm trying to -- did for. I'm trying to go Marines for this summer I think at that time I've ever been on this -- at the naval station it's right. 51 seconds. -- From the onset -- Geraldo Randy obstacle course at a steady pace until some of the obstacles slow down her teammates in front of she could only verbally motivate her fellow pleased to get through this portion of team trials. And they ask them again if that I've seen them they had it -- -- The legal basis for -- me I can't play and yeah I didn't think it depends as I am saying god you don't keep up. Say you gave Vietnamese. Firing and think everybody -- -- -- just to watch anything beyond that not just the Patriots squad leaders. Their company commanders are all getting in with them and pushing them harder than you can't go into the ground -- they're actually going to get together. -- -- -- There's a real small in stature and standing at five foot. She's one of 290 Linden and a class of more than 12100 please and is constantly proving the doubters wrong. Math and science in high school having an Ollie -- in the academy missiles Molly so late -- -- you know I thank. Did not stop. You know I only tying him with John and a lot of the guys that say you like -- mildly you have I'm. -- -- especially in the game as. Have a lot of -- Sarah was merely a challenge her mom and dad decided to -- from Columbia to America and she herself into new frontier. First in her immediate family to join the military. -- -- Incredibly hard to get the game and I know I think company and they -- not -- You know island on the what they've -- for me because like they've done it you know it's a game in my opinion and I made -- And I'm and I'm telling -- I don't think back then I think you know I mean it was all right. And you cannot be hanging here in this country in anyway matinee in. It's kind of like to accomplish something in my pants legs and I began way back now. I would tie in can be BA and -- and if you really plant and you really want something you have a goal in mind thinking you can get and he's just NN pushed to the high times. -- -- You -- in Honolulu. -- My least favorite moments was while -- Right hand man. In this day and we know we do crunches that the hot. Also acknowledged that got him how to start dialog to thank god thank guys there's just about it her and I judge Susan probably. I guess it. -- -- -- -- But our house because of the flaws were looking very good about foot diameter but -- -- -- it's great day. -- -- -- -- -- Foot tall -- Gary -- junior. This particular station does not discriminate. That was the point where my body. My lower body shut down. I had Randolph and I wasn't able to this spring and there was a time in the timed event sold -- -- I was the last guy cross the line. Because my holidays it cramped up that was definitely you know the worst time. But I wasn't able to contribute in an event day. I'm not only you don't look as strong as contributor. Basically what we're doing here is we're trying to get -- -- -- -- feel basically just let them under a lot of it can't do. Hardship but he's just a little bit about leadership and I think that they can -- to help each -- out my -- they go they -- The center down. And he's done and he did the job. Job. CSN Washington dot com.



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