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Beamer, Boeheim and Brey talk about joining the ACC



CSN Washington dot com. Conference expansion and or realignment isn't new craze and intercollegiate athletics. This fall Syracuse and -- will now line up in front of ACC mainstays for the first time as league rivals Mike Brey Frank Beamer and Jim big time spoke about. What conference expansion really means to them. And the ACC. Growing up a Maryland fan and an ACC basketball fans spent an eight years at Duke University as an assistant. Got some great memories. Of the league I never thought in my wildest dreams of the coaches in the league at the University of Notre Dame. What we are thrilled our fan base is excited all our coaches and our department are very excited and proud. I think leadership in the ACC just offered it. What they've done here recently. It all starts with the leadership and everyone else follows I think that's. No real real plus. In this league and in the transition that we're we're going through. More. Great programs in your conference the better it is for -- every. Raises everybody's level. It's it's a tremendous challenge. Here's. It's really fun to look at what the future's going to be an ACC. What -- of course is leading the conference in scoring fourteen of course the mascots. Not happy with the serves a little Tom full -- going on here off the ACC Twitter page showing. The you can Virginia mascots that -- mascot upside down on the speed all vote you you know what happened for the -- what happens. CSN Washington dot com.



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