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Is Lecavalier an option for the Caps?



CSN Washington dot com. Just like the -- the caps are now focusing on free agency and price tag on Centre Mike Ribeiro is to state. Might a former division rival B option plan B. Talk about life senate Vanilla probably say he's a free agent. As history without -- coach Adam Oates doing at a time Tampa although the process is it's early stages venues currently available. Fact finding mission ask about the caps organization. Yesterday in the NHL draft -- was asked. About the conversation. I don't want. You know Vinny was the man there and -- was coming to be the man and Marty Saint Louis you know they had a lot of good players and his big part of the franchise -- you know and whoever your regular. When things I really respected Obama's he wanted to play against the best players every night. He won the responsibility of playing their best the every night telling -- pressure game in game out and I think you know I think he's a guy that. That this happens when we go four rounds of the guys that will be staying there have been four rounds. Think that's why -- elected -- I think we're in good shape in the room in these guys in my own system. We I don't think we have to go outside the system mobile. Some young guys -- cooperative. Work. Sorry -- Wilson's sort of form. I think we're pretty solid team. We'll see experience to Dallas. CSN Washington dot com.



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