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Mark Zuckerman wraps up the Nats win over the Brewers



CSN Washington dot com. The nationals knew Bryce Harper's return would inject some life into their lineup because they've imagine it would have this dramatic up and effect. In his first at bat in five weeks harper homered and got a curtain call from the crowd. His teammates did the rest after that pounding out ten runs against an overmatched Milwaukee pitching staff. And we're kind of expect some good shot he's going to use. Special thing isn't exciting player -- You know civil rights are there you know. Is you know about the grounds -- host the and in -- upon us I guess those good photos back and opening day. You know -- over again and I. -- aren't as great pitcher and you know Chinese side address thing. Have -- pitching and a little bitten you know -- our -- team. Jordan Zimmerman didn't pitch his best game but the nationals gave him more than enough support to earn his twelfth win. Tied for the Major League lead and matching his career high even though the season is only halfway complete. Do they gave me parents or outside and send them. In nine years past so -- in that but this here it's a whole different story and it's it's definitely fun going out there and you know they're gonna give -- if afforded me -- again so it's it's nice. Past years to death Clinton did any of run support and you know doesn't it definitely wasn't looked as long you know premiere pitchers in the league. Think we all they ever was Sampras all time. So it's good to see him get the recognition and his -- that for sure. But -- more Portland you know. I think you try appreciates their own sport now after a co leaders -- not really give us. Obviously Harper's return is a boost but maybe even more important is the effect it has on the rest of the lineup. Seven of the nationals eight starters had hits on Monday and over the last two days they've now scored 23 runs. That's the most they've ever scored in back to back games. With the nationals marks of urban CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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