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CSN Washington dot com. 1130 the regiment switch from naval stations -- -- hospital point and vice Versa. It's a two mile run encompassing a jaunt across the new severed river bridge. Followed by a twenty minute press. -- -- -- And let them again I happily done as. My only halfway done here. -- -- In bed that is the blame me and tossing all I was thinking as you know nothing about the moment -- mark the moment. Run an owner in this bridge of my classmates and I'm singing cases -- you know -- there -- listening to them back. For me a stronger empire is planning. We're getting on the veins as far as my best -- mad -- -- -- them. There are thirty varsity sports at the naval. Thirteen clubs and Sarah and I haven't -- join the marathon club -- which maintains a roster of at least 25 members. And I. I low cross country and track. And -- I like Allen and I the outline and be great but as -- as not as violent offense yes well I think anything is on the line. And I am badly and I team and they knock on him a shot. And I didn't think I -- And my agent I do. I absolutely. My -- -- on. It was Belmont in the evening I didn't not expect and that it would be that they -- the man and -- environment and keep on -- -- chance for me and this phone -- and being in other -- Michigan and Enron and and then you don't hear them and there is. I'm standing and I came here and you're thinking you know and then. He's myself tied it. I'm really just running a few my I can't get a management team you know he's chance for me he's like being in the big fans and I get it. Each year the goals every runner on the team. Is to qualify and compete at the Boston Marathon. April 15 2013. It's supposed to be a triumphant day for -- -- marathon majors in Beantown turned tragic. Two bombs exploded killing three people and wounding more than 216. And yeah I was I was watching them and I am and I saw I had that have been in the knee is now is just absolutely shocked and amazed and Dallas -- always my team Atlanta. -- -- Like it. My leg. People don't forget there and. Get exited the country -- and people from all over the world country on us again name -- and yes there is competition but it. And it -- one team Mary and to see that. Yeah okay. Through life's journey we are sometimes given moments we must endure with -- And strength. As the day dragged on sea trials -- to -- -- mental and physical endurance. Napoleon Bonaparte -- considered one of the greatest military minds in history and said. The first virtue and a soldier is endurance of fatigue. Courage is only the second -- You're doing all these stations and you know you make different phase that phase and they look at the wide sentencing have been only thirty minutes and say is thank -- got. Fifteen hours less -- this -- Body is clearly screaming to you know I'm tired -- I have a cramp. I'm exhausted I can move anymore. Sometimes got him much as we do it it was they you know now I'm tired man this sucks that I -- -- watch I only hit a I think that helped Olazabal is -- and honestly yeah. -- -- And day again. Some people are Pacman Jones and that really helps lead in the game because that then I'm gonna get me then it's a lot easier and keep pushing them. -- in the old days. They understand that we were gonna have sharking and what's shocking is you know you are you gonna on this -- -- -- Marmol couldn't pick up a wait and liars we know they're thinking the way there. Guys in the water trying to see what you down and keep you down and going and -- is. I wasn't worried about it. But it was something where I was thinking like this is gonna take a lot in. -- -- -- -- Can't buy that has got a cramp. And also be one game. And that does that -- -- -- you know being off I and then finally happened a lot and united treading water and some masters there's a backhand and -- and yeah. Now. Remains to sustain without impairment or you. And for surgery -- she endured the challenges of -- trials even through her more laboring moments. I'll press handle Scotland was can't exactly sending you this that I feel lonely in college forty -- -- creating the -- in the helmet. And that was really -- And I had my pass me the early Christmas and that means to me I'm sick minds that this guy -- penny won the one standing next me. Holding my bag -- yelling c'mon she -- Monday. You can make game. And you know it on the jogging and I thank you golf allowed in 89 now behind me now -- and I and a lot of. And despite her diminutive size Sarah persevered through -- trials with support from family. Friends and classic. The second thing is coming out of my name. And it killed her warning. You got to put those minutes and then canyon country dining at an advantage and can be a big Indiana game and see how especially it's not a matter how it's possible to have its about. -- -- Pushing on and in -- test at home until and then. If you have that you can take on it. -- You can't listen to yourself you know you can't listen to you from the -- -- You're tired you know your body is tired your body is clearly screaming team. You know I'm tired I'm I have a cramp. I'm I'm -- and I can't move anymore flatten my skin is going to -- this hurts. You know your body is is yelling Nancy all throughout the -- throughout you know it does. That -- let down you know you can't listen to. The physical so we'll see trials becomes more clear the team wears. Faces. Picture of exhaustion and desperation. To finish the task of but with the end in sight the challenge now -- to Muster the mental fortitude to complete the mission. Perhaps no station was as physically demanding as the ground fighting drill. Hitting company members against each other it is this year test of -- and determination. Might. Name is in the same class right. I'm here at the ground fighting isn't led guys if they look at 2000. We had going -- is that we -- just -- In ground fighting fish and so they're using hand to hand combat -- down fighting techniques and it it's also mission based. And guys the second ECU hurting injuries or martial arts and I think that Vijay Singh right and -- It is out. Yeah. Once the person you're initially fighting is -- you can go held out of the way teammates scattered. -- got his hand to hand combat is a challenge that forces you to look within yourself. To overcome his opponent in front. For 22 year old Gary Coleman junior. Digging deep to beat the odds is nothing not a move around a lot my parents got divorced when I was eleven years old. And when I got divorced and living in -- Baltimore but I went back and forth between both parents live with the Cubs fans friends and you know north avenue chemistry and we know right in right in I guess. After graduating high school and with things unsettled at home. -- we decided to enlist in the navy -- these are positions in boot camp and when I got my ace who you know and training for my my job especially. You know rock solid tradition there I mean I may still ahead when I thought is that I can I could possibly -- promoted from you once we floor. You know -- cross that then I stepped it up here and I think you know we'll go tournament means and I'm gonna get that. Coleman excelled as an enlisted men moving up the ranks quickly. By nineteen he was an. At that point I kind have. I kind of saw that I like those one or two waves are gonna continue to lose their routes or you know -- officers and I'll still you know really young. I mean I just not a body and I just thought I wanna go off throughout those brother -- tape three years after you listed at home and enrolled in the Naval Academy preparatory schools. And despite not having been in the classroom and almost three years. He achieved his greatest academic success cannot finish I finished the prep school win I think I had a 3.2 GPA. -- out of high school I cannot have it wasn't that I had academic problems. Because I had all those things going -- moving around and no drama with my family but it was just I had a discipline problem it was just. If I could just focus myself when on doing something that I'll be success last -- it and that's what so that you know the focus on academics and I'll be successful way. Focus in the classroom has led Coleman to this point the culmination of his plebe year at seeing Travis keeping your focus especially in -- Is Paramount to return. Third basket and -- -- staff out here yeah that's the goal here is a hopefully it's. The music and I love them a -- ready. And helmet and numbers from the previous. It's just went on the -- lot of motivation and gets out of here and -- and have a few drills. Revisited and Clark -- and I'll do it once console. Randy my second -- lying and saying OK okay. Okay. Did you win -- lose. It kind of blows big athletic and they're quick. Review and it's. Going there without him and we -- okay. Don't quit. -- -- When you're in the fight and things are at their hardest the easy way out is to quit it is at that moment when your mental toughness has tested the most. Kolb reached a crossroads last summer. Miles -- 5000 in Hawaii I was stationed in Hawaii and you know I'm own apartment in my own car I had had a girlfriend. And life was like it was pretty good -- -- -- my told my. I don't I don't I don't wanna become I want him graduation and you can only -- him anymore. And goes really surprising -- him because I was one of the top performers and my -- company and I was a one all and god they lived up to. So I told you -- you know this is not something I want to do. They were there really taken -- What sets these midshipmen apart from your average college freshmen is that in the face of adversity when the chips are down. They put others ahead of themselves they told me that if I quit. In my class. -- look up to me they would. Some of them might put some of them on the line and you know when he told me that they tell me that in I really thought about it and I said well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went -- quick enough calls other people quick to. I can't I can't bear you know -- at that point you know I just sucked it up but -- now let's go out and. At sea trials sucking it up means fighting through the cramps through the exhaustion and finding any way possible to keep them. And as the day wears on the effects of the extreme challenges take their told. Upperclassmen provides -- -- with water and energy drinks bananas and maybe most importantly. -- -- sodium content with the popular -- -- normally your mark in the hot -- is a unique but effective way to combat dehydration. With the sun bearing down sea trials continues its relentless assault on the. Makes everything that's -- iron -- -- the wind any course they do it every year I did it in trenches. They're -- here and now. The trends and trying to get as many as possible on -- -- a little -- and -- and at the same time it's like experience and into the night it looks really bad. Evidently a lot of rocks at the bottom on his face is that he's been an -- -- -- in the rocks out though thank you -- it is. Adrian -- the wind -- again and again and I and those last couple hours upon myself as. You know since I have time. -- -- and I don't know love finding -- We also guy can see the sad thing. And after that I think that's the highest -- and is like loving Alabama. Being nice. And -- -- -- -- only to let you know flying itself that's another plane. With the finish line inside. -- and saving course provides the of perseverance. It's time to summon the strength their battered bodies to crawl through the -- in the -- to be sure it is a daunting task. Acquiring the mind to push through when the heart wants to quipped yeah. When the school year round came I still was thinking about leaving so. You know I brought it up to my company officer's. Necessary. You know this is this is not what I wanna do you don't want to lose him in. Not my heart's just not in its home -- it OK -- you start the paperwork. But not until you finished the semester. He will let me he would let me leave and -- this message and not only did. Home and finished the semester -- finished the year with his classmates. Exhibiting mental toughness it takes to make it through the -- The -- trial so it -- a test for three main constant. Teamwork. Insurance. And mental toughness yeah none of these can be achieved without help from your classmates. Well requires -- personal dedication and fortitude of the motivating spirit of camaraderie. Is a building block towards greatness. I'm just so grateful for that didn't. With a bad -- Help me push myself to where I am right now. You know not just keep -- in the Naval Academy went the other people when they made it's it's all while he was organization and I think maybe I -- this this is -- is all about yeah. I'm just I'm just grateful this person -- -- -- -- -- in the ladies. 35 hours military time. -- On the rest. There is genuine excitement that the day is over but overwhelming there's a sense of relief but for years they worked so hard to get through. -- Okay. That's news. Adrian is the morning. And because I haven't seen the last time. Classes they only. That's what about all things. It was an awesome does that sound awesome amounts thousand. Really brought about the whole year did -- and almost close. Even though it is part of the time. And you might sideline him on. The feeling after Linz is unlike any -- -- something that I did say I'm Adam. From the beginning from day one of these summer you know and vision Wendy you're gonna. We'll be -- child you you won't be even more you know so it was it was it was a great feeling it was. It's amazing and I was just I felt really accomplished at that moment. Coming up. -- rows behind the class of 2006 -- More -- I. Might not know Riley is not my -- on fifteen entering. -- -- -- And then look at a golf media than it was everything program -- -- -- number -- points here and god in. I have -- a parent I can be nerve wracking at times like yard kind of wondering what's going on you don't always know find them more than anything that. I don't -- -- Haven't been out here and we're proud of what he's doing and now -- Thanksgiving. During the fifteen cooling -- of sea trials and 828. Players had their resolve it. Their minds and bodies past the performance level most have never reached before they carried out. Six days after she trial's conclusion the class of 2016. Had reached its final assignment a monumental. Task. -- -- -- Why does its job because the road and it went for alcoholism and we're going to -- coverage or ligament in the latter Galileo. And two. But fans are those like you won't be on the bottom. Like the previous seventy to -- classes before them. Herndon no way. Spring day they've been asked to climb to the top of this very obelisk and remove the Dixie cup -- Replacing him with an upper -- yeah thus signifying the official. Yeah -- leaving town the for me I'm staying clean snow lion that then. It was something that we've been laying this thing and Ali and. But attacking Herndon proved to be the challenge it always has been. Slippery slope and -- Well I'm nearly a hundred pound. And again. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. The fastest time officially registered stealing heard this one minute and thirty seconds in 1969. No great swings is that the longest time -- era belongs to the weeds in 1995. It took them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted to be a good up and play. I underestimated the I didn't want to -- and I didn't want to -- higher -- You know Tom is a lot tall guys here. And I was have been trying to talk to someone and tell them all and loses its own shoulders and he's -- -- we're friends got together bringing. Right now we're just totally on. The only thing I don't want to make any pain brother it's. Soft and if not -- -- the top. In her rituals that -- that we need. Any ups and -- to endure this after. But have -- that holds one true for the first championship. In his -- persevere. It's just amazing to think beyond assignments in the game back ten years it went by so fast and they came to Annapolis -- three individuals. In their own -- you learn to become a part of the team and institutions and new. It's been the hardest thing Aaron. In my life and that's. And there's there's nothing that actually played through this place isn't gonna. -- you -- -- that that it can listen really taken everything has offer. Think his management and I think he came clean. It's my. -- -- And I -- it's just an average game that had. My classmates they want when you win tomorrow or classic low and he quit my coming off -- when when we quit and then at the end how well let myself play. And ask us talk -- you alleviate. I'm not looking for much out of life I just want to serve my country and we know well it's the best I can possibly do. CSN Washington dot com.



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