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Will the Capitals land Lecavalier?



CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central club today. British golf chick Hernandez here -- -- Washington dot com lightning -- regular cavalier is a free agent. That's history with the caps head coach animals during Adams time in Tampa although the processes. It's early stages Vinny is currently on a fact finding mission asked about the capitals organization. Yesterday during the NHL draft -- left about their conversation. I don't want. You know Vinny was the man there and Stamkos was coming to be the man and Marty Saint Louis you know there's a lot of good players have been as big part of the franchise -- you know and whoever your regular. When things I really respected Obama's he wanted to play against the best players every night. He won the responsibility of playing their best the every night telling -- pressure game in game out and I think you know I think he's a guy that. That this happens when we go four rounds of the guys that will be staying there have been four rounds. Think that's why -- -- struck. I think we're in good shape in the room in these guys in my own system. Where we I don't think we have to go outside the system -- Some young guys -- cooperative or. Decided on Wilson's sort of form. We -- pretty solid team. We'll see different develops. And that will do it here from the Comcast sports net studios I'm chick Hernandez for CSN Washington. But got. CSN Washington dot com.



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