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Rendon helps out at food bank



CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back and -- don't doing his part in giving back to the community this afternoon at second base and helping the capital area food bank organized donations that will be given out to those in need here in the DC area. And that's also part of repairs cater to collect food at Nationals Park on both Saturday -- Sunday. -- come from the other best neighborhood running don't from the worst ones either but it. You know just knowing that I've seen you know Sammy -- I don't don't do this -- gotten help from his you know it's. Things like this -- it's awesome that you know I sacked him on the other side of it now and I'm giving back. When school ends a lot of kids are without males it's easier to raise food and funds at Christmas time but summertime. Really there's a lot of people in need of food so this is an important drive. CSN Washington dot com.



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Tue, 2 Jul 2013|

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