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Wizards building team with solid role players



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Tue, 2 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com so the way assuming we look at the -- -- in the way is signed today they sign. Martell Webster a guy who shot 53% when he was on the -- John Wall when any questions -- drips and I think it's good few teen agers got out there there are. Yeah I -- they're -- I think when you look at the way they're built to handle it the right way. You know they get a lot of young talented build it up and keeping guys that are dependable on the team and would you look at that got the break that they. You look at -- Gilbert Arenas is back in the guys that -- eleventh there have been doing great basketball player. I didn't play a lot of guys on the network kill people and they've you know big yellow now they get. Guys and a team that will be legitimate basketball player. Give you what you expect Andy gonna be dependable yet not I like what they're daring you look they're pieces away from being a real contender. That to be a potential playoff contender but you're right they're building around the right people. Notwithstanding the article last week in the Washington Post about. That you know John Wall on the tattoos and all that I'm not buying in all -- Brad Bradley deal sincere real good dependable kid. It's still a kid Otto Porter was the safe pick of the top. Five the Wizards -- saved about a quarter I think he's gonna be here and he's a quality tide did it right. Martell Webster came into the league years ago is still a big time prospect he hasn't been that. We've been good he's been dependable like you said good locker room Eric -- we know what he's done over after not a great player but good dependable I think you're right. The building around good solid pieces -- good foundation. Hopefully that ends up leading to more wins on the court because just like Mike London they got a body just aren't. Didn't judge who wins and losses not acquiring B exactly how they ultimately it'll come out and they can -- stay healthy. If you don't have your big man help and he still -- have problem runs in his shoes but if he can stay healthy for a year finally. -- -- this -- that finally is the big thing -- I mean you can't you just can't depend on him I. CSN Washington dot com.

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