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Strasburg not getting any run support



  1. Tim Hudson1:11
  2. Roger Clemens1:13, 1:15
  3. Chad Henne1:43
  4. Stephen Strasburg0:04
  5. Iran1:39
  6. Washington0:02, 1:56
  7. bases loaded1:27, 1:35
Tue, 2 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com Stephen Strasburg came on pitcher unbelievable game seven innings. He leaves the game and all the sudden. All hell broke loose a little cult sport. -- he doesn't get the loss but this man. It's terrific this year. He has been very very good at them late but ultimately we don't get run support you can't win many games but. Off the ball you know I think that it's absolutely sick and I think ultimately they're gonna have to learn to come out -- you look. It's what they do that at some point it would begin to look at this that -- who do you look at these that I one point nine ERA in the last thought. Which is only going into the right you can't hit a lot of support blog hell yeah if your opponents are hitting them. But certainly not against homers last nine starts he's received more than. Three runs three time all -- Run support they're just I sometimes. Teams so that's our guy he's our race we don't need to do much because he's gonna hold the other team -- maybe that's the mentality going on I know this. I was wrong earlier this year when I said he reminds you morbid Tim Hudson. A good solid guy that Roger Clemens he's been all of Roger Clemens and then some over his last nine starts again 32 with a 129. ERY. 'til nine ERA he just does not get any run support in the sixth inning of tonight's game bases loaded one out. Question -- third striker questionable. Third strike and was on the and on the third out. But he got out of bases loaded one out jam because he was just not gonna allow Iran that's what you wanna see. They need to get a run it would -- Brought it makes you think you -- -- Chad Henne has a lot of goals by so quick you don't know what it was all of this they have they have saved several run with thirteen and in -- Maybe it'll help the -- we didn't have it. CSN Washington dot com.

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