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CSN Washington dot com. Despite some apparent impending departures via free agency the caps appear to be standing -- Appreciate -- him in these guys in my own system. We I don't think we have to go outside the system mobile -- Even though they had been talking throughout the year the team and Matt Hendricks have not been able to reach a deal. The gritty fourth liner may not have huge numbers but he's presence in the room was an enormous intangible asset. Meanwhile the cast -- also been unable to resign center Mike Ribeiro who was looking for a long term deal. His wife treated over the weekend that it's not looking good for the family to stay in Washington. Our caps insider John Cora Lee joins us now for more first on ribeiro. Do you think that he's gonna get the money and terms that he wants from someone else other than Washington. Why do I think once Vinny Lecavalier agreed to a contract with Philadelphia. With those terms five years four and a half million car. That's pretty much what Mike Ribeiro was asking for back in March so I think that Mike will get that I'm not sure which team will pay for that pay for him. But I I think that that's right around the greens and he would like to have. Five years is probably too much for the capitals to handle right now and I think that's why he's not coming back I think if it was three years. I think that they would do that especially if -- -- -- coming. All right so let's say the caps don't sign ribeiro or Hendricks they're both gone where they go now. They might have to go to -- like I mean that might be their option. They have Marty you're out on the left side. Four point five million dollars committed to him that kind of handcuffs them they still have. Contracts that that they need to work out -- all her needs to be resigned he could be three million Marcus Johansson need to be resigned he could be two million. That eats up five mind right there they have about eight point five in space. So 3.5 million maybe have to deal with the with the free agent it doesn't leave them with a lot of room. I think. And Danny Briere and Derek Roy both of those guys will be free agents I think those guys are. Probably may be closer to that range -- Danny prayers near the end of his career 35 years all. He has a lot to prove he's had a concussion. So I think that's one issue that they could explore -- -- younger he's thirty years old he still he -- -- price put up 42 point five goals forty. Maybe forty assists that's exactly what they need they need someone. That can that can fill in because Mike Rivera was a big part of this. Mean yeah number one power play in the league itself it's a lot to replace. You have to pay a lot of money from placing a player. It's CSN Washington dot com.



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