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Harper just trying to start right where he left off



CSN Washington dot com -- hit five weeks to think about. Coming back and -- -- in this lineup I know you said you were calm and it didn't feel any different but as he stepped up to the plate and fans are giving you standing O what was going through your mind. They understand this comes like I think has gone up there and kinda make something happen and Friday get on base and just start whereas. I left off and threw a traveling team went. He did more than just kind of start things off he's got a hold -- one pretty good what. We've gone through mine now as you're rounding the bases and and realizing that you just homered in your first -- back. You know I felt I -- an opening day you know crowd go crazy and got the standing ovation and here that's currently calling us and I was record experienced. You know go through again and I think. You know I -- fighting you keep keep going in you know start. -- better AB's and it's continual overtime Vinatieri back in tell -- much time back -- I feel good and I think and he's holding up well it felt. Feels really good and by -- didn't just. Stranded him ignored them. As great as that first at bat was as you now get 34 night are you starting this. Feel a little more comfortable and feel like you're getting back to where you wanna be overall you know a little bit you know I faced -- -- -- -- they got a great and also for -- -- yesterday and you're facing -- tonight so. There's three good pitchers to come back against and you know looking forward to facing -- and I mean you know hopefully I need to back on track and you know get a few knocks tonight. I think a lot of people were obviously anxious you to get back knowing. The life you could bring back to this lineup. Could you think of it as though you along we're gonna make that big -- difference -- you have to look at the bigger picture what this whole. You know I think our whole team can make a big difference or -- he's -- -- -- you know of course that three hole hitter Troy or anybody anytime you lose something you know that. No major caliber team if there was ever read those words. A little Rose. Her -- you know it's just it's not just one guy going in a -- it's your whole team on the road so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of five stars gonna try to pitch every night and doing well and distrust of course last night. We can't get anything across -- across the -- last night but hopefully every class and I did that lives -- runs and at kind of when a ball game you mentioned Strasburg how frustrating is it for you guys as a lineup when. When your big horses goes out with sub zero after zero and you're not able to rewarded for that we into I think. Going there tonight and then there'd be something that can help that. Baghdad they get that W and there's just came out threw well last night and so all year I think having that. You know guys that goes out there at those tracks and those fans are right around about you know we had GO restaurants. Pairing that Larry and you know. Course there man he's throwing great. Her -- in the -- press play and hopefully. Mean you're going and had decent things here right this homestand and you know get it vehicle gave -- 500. CSN Washington dot com.



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