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CSN Washington dot com while the -- Really feel start that it HL and the question is what should they do. They are four guys that Olsen they have hit -- they have Marcus Johansson and also. Mike Ribeiro whose wife I think part -- put it. Thorn in the side that we did that and everybody else's that. Both Ford got of their their free agents do you think they should give them back let them go try to bring somebody else while Hendry to looks. It is gone is all but gone he wants to half million a season he's just not that kind of player the caps aren't gonna pay him that kind of money. They dirty said they're gonna bring back. Also probably according to chuck Gormley -- come today and she is and washing -- -- around three million Mark Johnson around two million. Me I would have brought back Mike Ribeiro for I would have gone heavy after video college yet. But without either of those two guys I don't see how next your starting team is going to be better than the team that ended up this year. In a first round exit again they don't let our heart and soul guy go in Matt Hendricks they're not bringing in the class guy in -- ribeiro or -- probably -- We were talking about this today. It's easy to see what the flyers do they're just gonna spend on every big free agent comes along and it doesn't work out with a spend on the next when they're turning into the Yankees a team like the Islanders. They can do anything they don't have the money and players don't wanna go there. I just don't see where the caps fitting in from the Q opposite ends of that spectrum. I don't see what the caps are doing are they gonna bring in a Danny Briere to replace ribeiro. May be if you want to come here but does that make them better they were last year and I don't know what plan is during a visit the -- situation -- They want it this they would think about being the Camp David after the a lot of money not well and remember these off the table right now right but. Ribeiro is older he wants a five year contract -- let them hang out there for me it would nobody often fight to go back to wood three doesn't sign that -- you know and. It is like that we had over I think I don't really let that I think Rivera would get the deal to get a month ago I think you'll get -- without -- 33 of about 33. And Rivera had a better season statistically. The look -- like the -- -- better. Just a Danny Briere guy like -- I like -- if they had kept for Merrill you bring in a Briere I like that and I just don't see that they're better. Replacing ribeiro with with. With Danny Briere player like that this -- isn't a big year for free agents I just don't know the capitals sag goes. CSN Washington dot com.



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