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D.C. United-Seattle highlights



  1. DC united0:05
  2. Michael Bush0:30
  3. Seattle0:06, 0:38, 0:43
  4. Washington0:59
  5. left foot0:29
Thu, 4 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. The defense DC united in Seattle facing a sounder still looking for their first win on the road shaky start the black -- nineteen minute. Salmons -- impressive ball movement to a streaking over -- Martin's and he scoops it past the keeper Joseph Willis for the goal. Martin's jacked up. It was -- on the back left. DC when -- Seattle's second half. You see you looking to respond first pundits find yourself some space -- in his left foot but Michael Bush warned there for the say 64 minute funniest thing again. Nifty footwork. This morning again for another stop in Seattle keeper but a huge -- keeping this -- in front bonus time now and Seattle puts it away. Mishandled by united and it's Martin's again. We'll live close on his pursuit as the lead -- -- -- for the second time the united still looks on the road as they fall. CSN Washington dot com.

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