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Anthony Rendon, Washington MVP?



CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to the baseball show I'm Kelly talent. When another month behind us and as we past the midway point of the season we asked you to give us your beltway and DP for the month of June. And Baltimore fans are riding high on the Chris Davis strain. The Orioles first baseman led the league in home runs and RBIs for the month of June. Inspiring the following nickname from his fans. No doubt about it and don't try to question it says are as an -- crash Davis has his and they gave them. And on the NASA and the things are as captain stash. Been doing that Jordan Zimmermann for pitchers. And Anthony ran down the triple a call up who's been lighting up Major League pitchers since June 5. I come up whether -- this week. Talk about his hot streak. Baseball's crazy things for us player other person feel good -- we feel like it did have played the whole game in general. Not much I keep them much -- -- you seem like build on his consistency and I still hate me if I look down a little bit more here. And don't worry Anthony could we got nothing I love you and that mullets and Natalie did this before they can present and my yellow and. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Major League pitchers0:48
  2. Chris Davis0:19
  3. Jordan Zimmermann0:42
  4. Orioles0:21
  5. NASA0:38
  6. Baltimore0:17
  7. Washington0:02, 1:19
  8. in home runs0:23
  9. hot streak0:54
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