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Alfred Morris excited for training camp



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  2. Kyle Shanahan0:37
  3. Rome2:54
  4. Mars4:41
  5. likable guy3:18
  6. American football2:56
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  10. closed doors4:46
Fri, 5 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. In college you're known as the -- trade and like I said well you know let these. Let these nicknames happen organically know what is your reaction to that's what he told me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- low number on the rest of them HA was the one assert the fifth and if you. I do -- aware exactly that hadn't gone in would have have a million remains is that the health. I I. It a little later in the show here for Kyle Shanahan and he does refer to you is healthy does yeah still not a mix up between me -- now Robinson so he's. My Nittany ally looked up and and so these are on the outs is that I guess nearly confusion well I like it trade -- the guy that sent us the emails that we should have the sound effect. Of a locomotive goes back in the day -- -- at that these. Real quick so yeah the I'm no longer -- I mean feel it is crazy if I'm ready for the season start would get none enrichment. I -- again in training camp and Israelis see it started in the build up we we have -- You're offered last year I thought you got stronger as the year went on kind of the opposite of what we see a lot of rookies did you feel that way I was aware that there. Of the pro game on you last year. Obviously felt that way I mean listen to -- this was oh -- very active. I was always told he was counselor -- the it always told me boxing gym somebody. Solid in the sizes a lot of contract -- hot and cold doesn't in my body so and -- I've -- that's I've always just get stronger as he gained only stronger as the season goes on so. And this is a long season the distinct in my body allow me keep doing what I've been going even that was a longer season you can listen more physical game on is that they want strong fast and just. It is is a game out there but -- is fun on the list. It is a lot of fun watching it. -- there. It's a lot of where -- care what did you do after the season was over did you take a complete break the healing process. Take me through however many weeks or months that took place. Accident they lost forced ourselves. Take two and asking me self. Yeah which is no note not a good idea of I'm it was it was good I do the -- to recover but I should what I -- noses. Do real light work out like light -- I might -- run them like listed as it is just doing my uncle -- because when I got back you know they are owls are now like. But I will -- though but not that that's a -- -- makes you obviously do it differently blaze still was that your mom by various. Offseason program this year is over pretty much and they got training camp polarizing compare this past offseason program but last year. You were really run and hard it looked like you were being held back at it and there -- so mobile we saw how how do you assess it. I feel great it was just great to be back out there at the owls boards all season. I'm I was busy don't you Rome what is -- -- boils down of the American football field so just give back was exciting. They kind of -- exists it's as though. What is tonight so he's coaches like I knew was easily trained him comes fifth finish they know he's -- -- of problems on this you know aside to get back out to feel better. Feel fast with a stronger I'm lost lot of them are more confident now. So I'm look easy out as it turns out. You are such a likable guy and everybody in that building loves Alfred Morris everybody in the community loves Alfred Morris. But Nolan stays the same every year people change how would you changed. Com. Alma Owens out and land they had changed my ousted as saying god allows you they won't need all your things going on now -- is -- -- alphabet. -- -- assessment of the I have I have but it is saying sound odd I don't fullest I'd I'd much rather not do any of you know Suisham was roses. Keep backing you and hang with family would mean we do you have a lot of quit so. Can't tell Mogg on these terms on them but you can't turn -- -- trying not to do some. Some work in so I did it was fun are gonna travel to see some new things -- -- few things so. I was there as soon. Are these the train moving forward. What is your favorite cartoon the other favorite cartoon on the you -- like Tom and Jerry Tom German -- old school way and that's a lot of pop out Osama. You know yesterday and had -- -- and stuff I do some Vanilla Ice and -- my -- -- in -- yeah -- thought that was a -- but I mean they're still making that was those nowadays though he has some of the younger generation is not. I screens and -- involved on the new level but it's hilarious I think is finding. When you are the best ten and and you're too good -- who Andre do you brits in the brought all the Redskins nation out there take a look at him. And all of it only from Mars no -- chance to make a face for the camera man wow that's -- -- -- around the bat behind closed doors he would offer your camera. Yeah I think they've kept begging you have an advantage yes there. CSN Washington dot com.

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