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A look at the Naval Academy's 'Sea Trials'



CSN Washington dot com for the July is more than just eating and watching other people we'd like him I was hot dog contest we'll get to that. It's also a good time to consider the sacrifices being made to preserve our independence where my would take like in the class of 2016. At the Naval Academy we've followed their journey through the sea trials are rigorous one big test of wills. It's designed to -- the core values. Of the men and women ready to serve their country. Once a year on the banks of the seven revel in Annapolis Maryland. Men and women dedicated to a higher claws and put themselves through the ultimate test the first your students or. Academy participate in an annual actual design details teamwork endurance and mentally tough. Yeah he was -- This season. When daylong expanded pushes me. Mean my. Skin off my. -- -- Just after 3 AM. 128. -- All the way to the completion of their first year -- It is the last. Hurtled towards a bigger goal. You got to put those minutes yet again this country like you had a bad day. You can maybe get Danny -- need. Even though it's. It's hard at the time. The feeling after -- Is more than you can't play the. Today requires unwavering determination and focus and the ability to carry those around you to the finish line. If you letters that are my company. Comcast sports that was. Precedent access into the longest day of the year had been. We filed a complete step by step. Way. To the lines of not true test of fortitude and strength is the 2013 season. On Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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