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Are the Nats bats heating up?



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  2. Davey Johnson1:55
  3. Bryce Harper1:44
  4. Ian Desmond1:30
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  6. tough luck1:21
Sat, 6 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. What they full lineup of healthy players for the first time since April the nationals are finally scoring runs in bunches. They've now scored at least eight runs in four of their last six games and because of it they're starting to feel comfortable at the plate. And starting live up to expectations. This is way more what we thought this -- -- -- comes from turning from what everybody. Since it's not too often you. A lineup like this where you know spent seven Castro. Openness is kind of -- on it and seems like that's enough for a five times this year -- filmmaking -- doesn't mean. Prosecutors. Have -- five or six days we've shown them irony here. Like the way. -- -- to swing the bat doing them because of natural events that's sort of been looking for. You know it takes pressure off. You know. Everybody doing it historically and stay to themselves and the judges too much. I've never lost faith in these guys know they'd been doing and Nelson's last year and I just got to keep my game. And -- shown signs of life they're gonna go out there and do the job tonight and even from the beginning you know these guys always think about is just they've been. -- with some tough luck pitching is you know batting against a couple of guys and our pitch in on you know we've been fortunate enough to swing the bats and hot and and we continue you know Jayson Werth is doing great job Ian Desmond -- -- and you -- -- -- I was doing great job and I and you don't want to cool him off wanna -- in the dugout as soon as possible. Perhaps most surprising about this recent surge the -- are doing it without much contribution from Bryce Harper. Since his dramatic home run on Monday harper is over eighteen with seven strikeouts. Sensing that his young star needs a break both physically and mentally. Davey Johnson plans to sit him for the rest of the weekend. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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