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Free agency: Major moves shake up Caps roster



CSN Washington dot com. Now Mike Rivera turned down a three year fourteen million dollar offer by the capitals back in March we -- -- knew this day would come. By agreeing to a four year 22 million dollar deal with Phoenix Rivera gets an extra year on his deal. Plus he's making five point five million per year which is something the caps didn't want it -- not one option is in the count her koskie that's an interesting line. Toronto bought him out. He's 29 years old he can probably didn't 45 goals fifty points this season. He was unhappy leaving Toronto saying he didn't have the playing time that he wanted and he'll have something to prove next season a third option for the caps is. Looks like I was trying to bounce back from a groin injury during a lockout shortened season by losing Matt. Hendricks to the Nashville Predators the caps are losing one of the toughest guys in your lineup and when the most popular guys in the dressing room. Kind of caps are hoping that Aaron ball -- could fill the void left by Hendricks. -- they might turn to Michael. Was picked up in the national trade that brought Marty. With the capitals at Chandler chuck Gormley CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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