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CSN's J. Michael talks Celtics, Wall, Dwight Howard



  1. Dwight Howard1:04, 1:42, 1:58
  2. Martell Webster2:36
  3. Josh Smith1:46
  4. San Antonio Spurs1:23
  5. Paul Pierce0:28
  6. Kevin Garnett0:28
  7. John Wall1:55, 2:09
  8. Big Three1:49
  9. Brad Stevens0:09
  10. James Harden1:43
Fri, 5 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Here now with -- was as an NBA insider. RJ. Brad Stevens goes from mid major. Butler to big time NBA franchise in Boston at 36 years of age a lot of people are wondering priority number one. How does he -- with Raj I'm wrong but I think that's gonna be to be challenged week. Rondo is the guy and it's now left over from that former championship team Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce they're now with the going to be with the Brooklyn nets. So it's all about how he's gonna get a lower Rondo who by all indications that very very difficult person. To deal with -- and all the right things right now but this is the honeymoon phase. Stevens -- have time. To build this team from the bottom up the question is how that relationship so I think it still remains to be seen. There really should still work and really given a six year commitment this reeks of read. Bill this reeks of this team really not make the playoffs next year making a push potentially to get in the lottery and get English Julius Randall are also -- wigand's. Our earlier we told you that their reports the -- -- Dwight Howard is going to Houston although his agent Dan Fagan says hold the phone a decision could come either tonight or tomorrow. If that's the case Dwight Howard's decision to go to Houston. How does that impact the Rockets what the Rockets are. Instantly going to be a championship. Contender in the Western Conference simply because you look at the San Antonio Spurs made finals last year cannot expect to be back. In part because of age issues. They have some other things going on in terms of their roster I'm not sure they get -- -- that you speak into. -- question. About Oklahoma City Thunder who -- one of the best teams in the Western Conference is still among the top five but. Houston is arguably every bit as good when you add Dwight Howard to that mix for James Harden and it. Potentially may be getting Josh Smith there also that would make for a very good Big Three. Meanwhile this Dwight Howard's situation has a trickle down effect on a lot of people especially right here at home would John Wall considering John has the same agent as Dwight Howard in Dan figured. When can we expect the -- potentially making the commitment long term the job and how long they have. Well they'll be able to start discussion discussing an extension when John Wall starting July 10. And they have until October 30 before the tipoff of the regular season they don't work out an extension he could be four years or five years maximum. By October 30 they have the table discussions until after the season. Because -- -- -- is dealing with the white college right now there hasn't been anything setup with the Wizards purporting to be. Familiar with the situation -- up. With the families and one wizard. Getting Martell Webster in the four years for 22 million next up. It's the franchise for our franchise guy. CSN Washington dot com.

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