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What not to do in NBA free agency



  1. Jarrett Jack1:34
  2. Josh Smith0:48
  3. Dwight Howard0:50
  4. GM0:21
  5. Fort Washington1:32
  6. Tiago Splitter1:18
  7. OJ Mayo1:27
  8. Pistons0:57
  9. San Antonio1:23
Sat, 6 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com moved from the NBA lockout and what are we learned after owners were crying foul overblown contracts and let the deals. 24 months later not much has changed -- teams are still vying to be eliminated by the heat Spurs Bulls and the founder. Time -- out of play are you smarter than a GM here's what not to do in free agency one. Alienate their fan base by putting a pork product on the floor. Number two off loaded contracts to load a mid level talent. And three and most importantly. -- players to get out of the lottery but still a middle of the pack team not good enough to be elite. Here's examples being the intensity. What about this Josh Smith joining his -- your teammate Dwight Howard in Houston know. Smith agreed to a four year 56 million dollar deal would -- Detroit Pistons. Smith leaving Atlanta where he led the Hawks in scoring seventeen points per game last season. Okay Comcast business that sports at this speed a business. Justin a look at some of the numbers being tossed around the players who have been Agile enough. -- not happy enough to make all star team Tiago Splitter. Well he has the edge. Big drafted San Antonio got four years 36 million dollars. OJ Mayo three years 124 million bucks while Jose called alone and Fort Washington -- Jarrett Jack. Will be making 7000006. Million dollars per year over the next four years respect. CSN Washington dot com.

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