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Davey talks Nats sweep of San Diego



CSN Washington dot com. Offense is really looking good to get quality at bats so it's just a lot of that's the big thing. You know I don't I don't so much we're about. Where we're at right now I mean I just feel good going in his second halves. -- it's tough series. The couple division foes coming out. But mostly good. And we should be ready for them. The pats had their Big Three go this weekend none of them are very good. Here's your Strasburg will struggle at times none of them getting through seven innings. But eighteen strikeouts and four walks back in the it was bases by all weekend long. We've had interest is pitching staff we've all those things. You know you just have to write about and another's face -- I think that's for sure I mean. No we have to do is just play well -- our potential like what assistants had do to win the division last year. And then we've played blower protection. You know coming around. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Big Three0:28
  2. The pats0:27
  3. Washington0:02, 1:12
  4. blower protection1:06
Sun, 7 Jul 2013|

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