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Mon, 8 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com are talking NBA basketball head Coach Gary Williams coach could see again -- see you. The big story of the past week is clearly Dwight Howard and I've never seen a player whose perception. Has changed so much over a year to an Orlando he was good guy in most potential superstar. In LA he became more of a complainer or. What's Dwight Howard -- going to see in Houston. Only certainly. Does have a chance to regain you know the the trust of the public -- you do that by winning you do that by winning a championship maybe you will take the attitude that but. To blame Dwight Howard for all the things -- going on I think he's gotten some bad advice about how to handle situations. He hasn't gotten along with coaches yet. Stan Van Gundy Brian Hill. You know the situation like. And when you're a team with a strong personality like Coby -- to run that team as much as any coach runs -- team and he had to deal with that he wants to be this bar and when you're playing with Kobe it's hard for anybody else to be the start. -- a lot of options in free agency do you think Houston is a good fit for him. Well I think he's the youngest team with the most potential. They have I think he'll be the oldest player if they start the one of people think Phil sort of reached 47. However you're you know you're still have a situation where you have a guard. That wants the ball all the time and once approachable off a miracle week for Howard unless he gets in better shape and he can run now. He might have been hurt this year nobody knows how much he was hurt this year and his -- still could be bothering him but. He he can't do what he did in LA in other words she's got to go in there and prove that he can be the focal point for the team and help them win a championship. Up in Boston Brad Stevens the new head coach of the Boston Celtics are you surprised he left but when after all that success he had in. How difficult that transition beforehand. Well -- for six years and he had a great run to final fours he was this much away from winning -- national championship and but he. When you listen to whom when he was coaching at Butler he was never what he's -- -- you know we kept our long term the I think he had eighteen years left on a contract agreement out of then like any intent to go to the pros he knew he was probably. Last on anybody's list of college coaches are really good they would go to the pros but I guess he saw a great opportunity. Former superstar that you coast of Maryland Greivis Vasquez heading from New Orleans to Sacramento hit a really good season last year -- thirteen points almost ten assists per game. Is he ready to really break out do you think. If he can keep improving like he's done he was third in the NBA in assists this year he was. Second in voting for the most improved player this year so I thought. Just being in New Orleans was a great fit for. And now he's got to do it all over again the thing is only sure superstar. When you're traded the NBA you almost have to prove it all over again that you're the figure the guy -- can make the team play better and all those things but. Known Greivis he likes challenges and I think a good after when he gets out there got a -- elects to rise to the case. Been a busy outs in the NBA coach thanks very much thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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