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Theismann: 'This team can contend for a title'



CSN Washington dot com. Why do you think Roberts -- -- -- that Monday night in the opener I've been around them a lot this offseason I've had a chance to spend a lot of time with them I can see in his side's. When he first got hurt -- around them. There was this sense of disappointment that did you know -- got from her. Now you watch him practice you watch him bounce around and he's like a little caged animal he can't wait to break -- he can't wait to go B Robert. And so if he's feeling that good about where he has he's a Smart -- he assesses himself very well. And I think I could feel awfully good about it to how good can this Redskins team I think this redskin football team in all honesty can contend for a title. Everybody has to stay healthy and and I go back to the newness of last year. More than 50% of this offense. Players were basically new to the system. Now all of a sudden with a years experience. Coming from where they have winning the seven games in a row getting themselves in -- position going through some tough times overcoming injuries they've done a lot. And so now like I said is is they're not they're not just kidding people they're improving with the people they have so there's depth on this football team Mike had a goal. Mike set out to make this football team younger faster and better and deeper. And that's exactly what he's done. You don't have competitions for jobs right now you have competitions to stay in positions. That's what you want our football team. CSN Washington dot com.


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