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Kastles get support from Obamas



CSN Washington dot com. After two undefeated seasons a perfect 32 no marked the Washington castles began 2013 with a celebration. Of last season's world team tennis title but soon after that. -- time to get to work. It took a couple of games to get a focus in hand those -- the format is different now that team atmosphere is amazing. The defense not to really get us going and after the first couple days it just puts us up and -- -- just getting another stat it's a smooth sailing for my. I think you see any you know on a great game. Had an impressive imagine I mean I don't blame icing on Sammy is only every time it's -- -- and I come out there. So -- in tennis and now. I -- you not been. Until Louisiana. As is the right of all champions earlier in the day the castles made -- trip to the White House to meet with president Barack Obama while lady Obama. Came to their match as a fan. There -- amazing being blown it had done -- it's. It was great kids and he'd pan am down you know. Read it yeah. This is a -- he wasn't makes you feel comfortable. And it was a great experience with a little game. President Obama has some amazing aura around him and he motivated the whole team today having First Lady in the -- he always motivates us to play and I just a wonderful family been really blessed -- and thus assets is you know on this president you know you gotta get out here -- Sierra match you really enjoyed his talk about his tennis experience going up and. Hawaii July 22 2010 as a last time that the Washington castles lost. And I came against the Boston lobsters Tuesday night they will look to make history with 34 straight wins against that same team. The Boston lobsters. At the -- stating that -- more -- Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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