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SportsTalk Live: Is RG3 focused on football?



  1. Donovan McNabb1:38
  2. Robert Griffin1:10
  3. Warren Moon1:39
  4. tootsie pops0:22
  5. Iraq1:53
  6. Washington2:40
  7. NFL quarterbacks1:42
  8. fan base1:54
  9. pop rocks0:18, 0:21
Tue, 9 Jul 2013|


Csnwashington.com. With RG three in the NFL. You've seen the video probably by now on the Internet for a URG three his wife released. Just a day after getting married in -- even thought it was shot couple months earlier it's called pop rocks and tootsie pop pop pop rocks and tootsie pops. I don't really get it done so what I'm saying if you would just tell me I'm wrong RG three needs to focus off. Would -- young man these to do if in fact -- was him. He needs to enjoyed a moment you know he just got married is the offseason he's worked his butt off the six months or so in rehab. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't celebrate at that point time. The question is dedication you know the question is football IQ no. So I think everybody this -- no but he did -- he's one I'd give the pets. What I would say is I'm not really concerned about his work ethic right now I think we've all seen Robert Griffin the third is a guy who's going to be dedicated and he knows what he needs to do. But I think what the problem this year at least for what could be a problem is if he doesn't recover like he should and maybe he struggles. Then people can come back and say you know what may be should have focused mourn your rehab instead of put all these videos out posting -- you -- what we think that there was one session. Of two -- days he went through rehab he expects you himself at all I don't know. I couldn't guarantee you but you know Donovan McNabb and Warren Moon and the is her very prominent African American NFL quarterbacks they've been down this well before they've said. Quick hold a press conference every week get off so that if I let that don't want that if that well because now we're talking muscles from needed doing the season -- in Iraq he has that the fan base. Guy can't win who has star status and I love both those guys move of course hall of Famer. At that McNabb was dominant for a decade but neither one of those guys that profiled additional minutes sure -- won here. This this is a whole different we're talking about Donovan earned his national commercial dispute came in with them. That's a talk about -- and the social media the word is now was no way they're dressed -- worn. And even from McNabb -- it's a new era in terms of how athlete deals with your right he's got a because decide that. And -- our limits and I agree with you that but I think the staff. Kept him that the one press com with. -- going to be one of the guys right you know to -- -- -- do we agree with you on that. CSN Washington dot com.

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