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Chuck Gormley's top 5 players to watch in Caps rookie camp



CSN Washington dot com the cats of open up their weeklong -- -- can't act Cutler. And here are my five players to watch. Tom Wilson is one of the youngest players that development can't. But at nineteen he probably has the best chance to make it caps roster he made his NHL debut during the playoffs last season. And the caps are hoping that his nastiness is something he can bring to training camp Michael lot of another gritty forward. Was picked up from Nashville in the Marty erecting. He's played the past two seasons in the NHL. And he says he'd like to replace Matt Hendricks as a fourth line center. The caps are also keeping a close eye on Riley barber he's nineteen and is committed to play at least one more season that Miami Ohio. Where he led all freshmen in scoring last season with fifteen goals Andre Barrett koskie was taken by the cats with the 23 pick in this years draft. He says we'll talk with the Capps and his agent before deciding whether he'll play major junior in Canada. -- return this week. On defense Patrick way is the oldest player can't at 22. And he just finished a four year career at Boston College. Where he was voted the top defense and defensemen in hockey east. The cats development camp continues all week ending on Saturday with a fantastic and a scrimmage. With the capitals -- Chandler chuck Gormley CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. NHL0:33
  3. Boston College1:10
  4. Matt Hendricks0:36
  5. Tom Wilson0:10
  6. NHL debut0:18
  7. Nashville0:29
  8. Chandler1:22
  9. Washington0:02, 1:25, 1:28
  10. training camp0:25
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