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CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. I everybody personal here for CSN Washington dot com Otto Porter and Glen Rice junior made significant strides in the team's first mini camp practice Monday. Before traveling to Las Vegas for the summer league while team building is a must it be individual growth of this mini camp. Is also must for this rookie class. Porter showed why it wasn't didn't hesitate drafted him third overall -- his overall game and his ability to process information quickly. Porter was asked yesterday how he plans to adjust so much faster pace of the game in the day. This system you know when you get out there are more you know necessarily -- -- knows more so peso. -- drugs that give it some -- Tuesday snow always or anything or so it is not as bad. Do you have you -- any kind of goals or standards you wanna set Las Vegas. I'm just going to have sort of thing or and a smile mango I don't wanna go out there and take into -- wrong about that and I played my best of room against whoever we play. Welcome to the family business for wizards' second round pick Glen Rice junior his journey to the NBA with -- knowledge from his dad. Glen Rice senior who spent fifteen years in the league as one of the best sharp shooters in the game and apple. Doesn't fall far from the tree right Jeter is not shy of launching. Whenever his number is called the big drafted in the second round that serve as motivation. Only initial motivation will always used the word some of this room Florida the best -- has always been busy busy I can be. There's player on the floor so far for -- -- -- -- you know if most people want us to have so improved so salute dinner and managed to go home to me as much. Don't use that this is my own vision just on. From a competitive person who doesn't envision -- It's gonna be here now do -- and Comcast forces studios on Chris Miller for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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