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Jensen excited for chance to make history



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Tue, 9 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I go to the Washington castles Murphy agents and you've been a big reason this team. As on the brink of history tonight when this started two years ago when you got that first win and here we are now looking at number 34 which you ever imagined we'd be at this point. I I definitely wasn't thinking a couple of years ago we did it never. Never imagined and you know we're here and choose to come through. There's going to be a lot of emotions going through this over the past few seasons and you've got now three world team tennis titles. What do you ocean so heading in tonight's. You know I think our teams just. We're really lucky because I'm really lucky because I've you know a crew professionals. Have made the winning habit and hopefully. Where they continued to do that -- I'm I'm as any tonight's success his son. The scoreboard and -- of them as it cements success on the everything that they do on the court and and if they give give me their best and everything they've got to win I guarantee -- be successful. And how ironic is that -- you think it's ironic. That the last team that was to defeat you was the Boston lobsters in here tonight the opportunity to continue the streak against those Boston monsters yeah. Yeah I mean we knew we didn't look toward him in the players on our team in an even there in team looked forward to challenges like this this is why we play -- sides we lived it referred to compete. Armed to get to the professional level on the elite level you have to love to compete you have. Have to love the pressure no matter what the circumstances. Martina Hingis flies in from London she's dead tired yhency couldn't wait to battle. When those lights go on in their seats are filled in the amuses blasts and our team will be ready and so viruses that's get it. Oh good luck tonight congratulations on a success thank you so let's go -- is. CSN Washington dot com.